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About us

Hi, I am Ryna, and I am fond of the Tarot in love and relationship analysis. Welcome to my blog!

A few words about my story and how I became a Tarot enthusiast.

Once I looked through my old photos and found one with my ex-boyfriend. We loved each other. At that time long ago I got a job offer in another city. I accepted it and moved. We continued seeing each other every weekend. But soon I decided to break our relationship. I didn’t believe in the success of our love story on distance.

We haven’t seen each other for more than 15 years. He is not present on any social media. So I don’t know anything about him. And of course, I got curious about his current life and his feelings to me in the past.

Who could help me with such an intriguing thing? By chance, I found a Tarot Reader and decided to try to make a spread. I was overwhelmed by how accurate she was in describing the situation when we broke up. And I believed in the force of the Tarot.

How I worked out my own system

I decided to learn the art of Tarot reading. I found so many resources on the Tarot, they were so different. The more I dug into the techniques of Tarot reading and card meanings, the more I got confused. And I worked out my own system of Tarot reading and card meanings.

In my system, I base on the European teachers and traditions of the Tarot divination practice. I am competent only in love and relationship issues.

I verified each love spread and each card’s meaning in my personal practice. And in this blog, I want to give you all the necessary information. So, you may easily understand and analyze your relationships with the help of the Tarot.

If you have any questions – write to the contact form.