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Tarot Devil as Feelings. Does he or your ex love you? And more.

    Devil Tarot Love Meaning

    “Is it so bad?” – everyone who pulled the Devil card in their love and relationship spreads asks me. In this post, I will reveal all the subtleties of the Tarot Devil meaning in Love card readings precisely in terms of feelings and relationships. At the end of the post, I will give the meaning of Devil as feelings when answering the questions “Does he love me”, “Does he miss me”, etc. So you’ll know how to read this card in your love Tarot spreads. Scroll to the end of the post and you’ll find out.

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    General Meaning of the Upright Devil in Tarot Card Readings

    The Major Arcanum Devil follows immediately after the Temperance. The general meaning of the Devil when reading cards is exactly the opposite of the meaning of Temperance –

    • losing temperance, overstepping the mark or limits;
    • temptation;
    • violation of morality;
    • dependence on material and physical things.

    Now, let’s take a look at the card and I will show you why the Devil has these meanings in card readings. The card of the Devil and the Hierophant are similar in composition. The gestures of the Devil’s right hand are similar to those of the Hierophant’s card. And this means that the Hierophant is a true authority, and the Devil is a false one. Therefore, everything that is done according to the Devil card has another not-good subtext.

    Another similar card is the Lovers, according to which we make a choice with our heart and mind. Thus, according to the Devil card we choose in terms of benefit or dependence.

    The Devil card offers many material benefits. Look at the man and woman at the feet of the Devil. A man has a fire on his tail – a symbol of passion, a woman – Grapes – a symbol of the pleasure of material and sensual abundance.

    The inverted star in the head of the Devil is a symbol of material priorities.

    Important note – people consciously make their choice, especially choosing the path of dependence on any material benefits.

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    Upright Devil as Feelings and Love Meaning in Tarot Card Reading

    Tarot Devil: Will I meet my love?

    Here I cover the meaning that is usually used for a one-card spread for singles with only one question.

    The Tarot Devil as new love means that you’ll meet your new love. Passion will flare up immediately and maybe even suddenly. But keep in mind that passion will be detrimental. It is unlikely that anything serious will come out of this relationship. But the sex will be great.

    Tarot Devil as How does he feel about me? Does he love me? 

    It is difficult to interpret this card in love card readings. The Devil as feelings means some kind of love in the relationship. But it is not true and genuine love. It is a certain type of love caused by material dependence (based on sex or passion, money, pleasure, etc.). You provide any of these things to your partner and he has consciously chosen to stay with you because of that.

    Tarot Devil: Will he confess his love? 

    As you already understood from the written above, we can’t talk about true love when you have the Devil in your love spread. So if he is a fair person, he will not confess, as there is no love.

    At the same time, you still may get a confession. But guess why? Because he has some dependence on you because you give him either physical or material things. That may be sex, or your cover expenses for apartment rent, etc.

    Tarot Devil: Is he a good match / partner for me? Is he the one? 

    No, he is not. He is a partner who will make you depend on him, or he will be dependent. Also, he is not a partner who will demonstrate true love toward you.

    Tarot Devil: Will he make a marriage proposal?

    The Devil as marriage means that it will unlikely happen. Even if he makes a marriage proposal, it will be for his selfish purposes. Not because he wants to be with you as a person or because he loves you to the end. It’s just that you have something material that attracts him and that he is not ready to give up.

    Tarot Devil as Feelings

    Upright Devil as Feelings of Your Ex after Break-up in Tarot Card Reading

    Tarot Devil: Does my Ex love me?

    The Devil as feelings of your Ex means: No, he doesn’t love you. Or rather, that he does not love, but he feels some kind of affection due to dependency. Dependency due to some material things. It can be physical attraction and sex, shared property issues, etc.

    Tarot Devil: Does my Ex remember me? Does my Ex miss me?

    For sure he remembers you. He remembers material things and the pleasures he received from you. The Devil Tarot as Does he miss me tells that he misses you, but not as a personality, rather those things connected with you that gave him pleasure on a physical level. Passion and sexual interest are the reasons why he can’t forget you and still misses you.

    Tarot Devil: Will my Ex come back?  

    The Devil as reunion means that he is likely to come back due to his dependency on some things that you gave him and which he is not able to abandon or give up. The Devil as reconciliation tells you that only physical and material interest is the main reason for him to come back to you. Are you sure you really need that?

    Tarot Devil as Feelings of Ex

    Upright Devil Meaning in Tarot Card Readings for Relationship Analysis. Devil as Outcome

    Tarot card reading can’t give you direct answers. If you get the Devil in your tarot spreads for a relationship, don’t be scared. As I mentioned above, the main power of your relationship according to the Devil is a dependency because of material things and pleasures. That could be a shared or joint business, property etc. something that is not easy to abandon or give up and that may be the main reason for staying together. So Devil as outcome of the relationship means that dependency on material things will be the main reason for you both to stay together.

    If you don’t have such issues, then the reason for being together is passion. The passion that does not fade over the years.

    If you are not married your passion in most cases has no perspective. Either both of you are not single, or one of you is married. You are together for a meeting for the sake of sexual satisfaction, but nothing more. And it’s hard to abandon. You or your partner don’t see anyone else in bed. Karmic relationships – sexual addiction, when people cannot tear themselves away from each other, although they understand that there is no future. Moreover, this relationship is destructive.

    For married couples, the Devil as outcome may denote a marriage of convenience, when there is a common business, real estate, etc. when there is no way to separate. Or another reason they may wait until the children grow up. Devil may also denote a marriage of a young girl and an old rich man.

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