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Basic and Easy 3 Card Love Tarot Spread for Relationship Analysis

    Read this post and learn the ways how to make love Tarot spreads for 3 cards. 3 card love Tarot spread is more informative as compared to one card love Tarot spread. Here you may even get insights into your situation and a deeper understanding of what to do.

    Your questions are very important in your spreads

    Accurate love Tarot reading

    Before we talk about spreads, let’s discuss questions we ask the Tarot. The more accurate and specific the question is, the more accurate answer the Tarot will give you.

    And typically any spread is a number of questions. Remember the most important rule No.1: if you want to get a very accurate reading – one card should answer one question. Reading and interpreting 3 and more cards to one question might be a challenge even for readers with some experience. And if you are a beginner – you are most likely to get confused in your interpretation.

    Remember rule No.2. If you want to ask the Tarot cards about the feelings of a man towards you, you should be in a relationship with this man. I mean you can’t ask the cards questions whether he loves you if he is just a friend whom you once met at a birthday party. Because the Tarot is a tool for analysis rather than for divination. Don’t play with the Tarot, and it will help you greatly in finding the best decision in your relationship.

    Most useful spreads about love for 3 cards

    3 Card Love Tarot Spread

    Ok, in this spread we will use three cards. But we will follow our rule No.1: one question = 1 card. And I am sure you guessed we are going to ask three questions. As for me, the following questions in your love spread give the most informative interpretation:

    1. The beginning of the relationship or situation
    2. Development of the relationship or situation
    3. The outcome of the relationship or situation

    So with the help of this 3 card love Tarot spread you may analyze your or his attitude to your relationships in the very beginning. How your relationships developed and what outcome they are going to bring to you. Don’t forget how to treat love divination. So if you got an unpleasant result, don’t be upset.

    3 Card Love Tarot Spread Feelings

    Or you may ask the following questions

    1. what did he feel in the past
    2. what does he feel now
    3. what will he feel in the future

    This love spread is great to analyze the dynamics of the feelings of your partner. And if you take this information as a piece of advice you may change his feelings and your situation.

    As you see now, yes or no spread for 1 card will never give you such a full picture as 3 card spreads. Nevertheless, if you feel interpreting three cards tarot spreads quite difficult for you – use 1 card spread.

    Techniques of Making 3 Card Love Tarot Spread

    The technique of making 3 card love tarot spreads

    First of all, choose your Tarot deck. I use the Rider Waite Tarot deck. If you are a beginner I would also recommend using this deck. It is very clear, and you may find lots of information on interpreting its cards.

    Shuffle your cards. I recommend using upright and reversed cards, so make sure you properly shuffled your cards.

    Divide your deck into three packs face down. Turn pack one as a book page so that the last card in a pack becomes your answer to question one. Do the same thing with packs 2 and 3.

    Important note: if in pack 3 as an answer you get a court card (king, queen, knight, page) you should divide that pack into 2 packs and do that until you get a major or minor Arcana. Court cards describe a character, mood and they can’t point out an outcome.

    And now the great time has come – interpreting. Use my cards meanings for that. (I am just working at creating a full list of all Tarot card meanings. So if you didn’t find the card meaning you are interested in – write to me through the contact form on this website, and I’ll try to make a post faster.)