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Easy Tarot Love Spread: Use only One Card (Beginner Friendly)

    Get ready to learn tips and tricks of easy tarot love spread. Beginners are more than welcome.

    Choose your Tarot deck

    Long ago I decided to use the Tarot to learn the feelings of my boy-friend. And the first task was to choose my first Tarot deck. I was overwhelmed and confused with the number of different Tarot decks. At that time, I was a beginner and decided to use the Rider Waite Tarot deck.

    And if you are a beginner – I do recommend starting with the Rider Waite Tarot deck!
    There is plenty of information on this deck and card meanings.
    If you already have some other Tarot deck – go ahead with it!

    Yes and no love tarot spread: essential things to know

    The easiest love spread for one card is asking one question. Such spreads sometimes are also called “yes and no” spreads. Of course, you are not going to get any additional information, just a brief answer to your question. Note: If you want to dig deeper into the details and analysis of your relationship you should better find other spreads.

    Before pulling out the card remember the warning: The man you are asking about should be your partner. At least it shouldn’t be just an acquaintance you met by chance. Just because cards may not give you an accurate answer if you don’t know well the man you are asking about.

    Also, this method may not give you very accurate divination. Because it doesn’t demand deep knowledge of the meanings of the Tarot Arcana. As a beginner usually doesn’t have this knowledge. Still, it is a good way to understand the overall picture of the relationships you are asking about.

    And don’t be upset if you get the answer you didn’t want to. Feelings, thoughts, emotions, and life overall are changing all the time. Have an insight into love tarot foretelling perception.

    Accurate Questions bring accurate Tarot foretelling

    It is very important to ask very accurate questions about the aspects of our love relationships. In this simple and easy spread, I recommend you to use the questions that require yes or no answers only. See the examples below:

    • Does he love me?
    • Does he miss me?
    • Does he think about me?
    • Will he come back until some certain date?
    • Will I meet a new love until some certain date?

    When asking questions I truly recommend indicating time frames in your question as the Taro is not good at answering questions with “when”.

    Spread techniques and the easiest way to interpret one card love tarot spread for beginners

    In this spread we are going to use upright and reversed cards – so, please take care to shuffle your cards correctly. Pull out one card face down and then turn the card as if you are turning a page in a book.
    Interpret the card meaning as follows:

    • The upright position of the card means ‘yes’.
    • The reversed position means ‘no’.

    Very simple and great for beginners. At the same time, you should understand without using the card meanings this spread might be not very accurate.

    Accurate and easy love tarot spread interpretation

    Use the same techniques of shuffling the cards, pull out a card.
    Refer to a reliable source of card meanings. I propose you to use my interpretation where I collected answers to frequently asked questions about love and relationships.

    Hopefully, you’ll get the answers and a deeper understanding of your relationship situation.
    If you want to get a deeper analysis of your relationships, try a 3 card love spread.