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The Fool as Feelings and other Tarot Love Meaning

    Fool Tarot Love Meaning

    In this article, you’ll learn all the possible Major Arcana Tarot Fool as feelings and other love meaning as feelings and relationships. I will give you an accurate interpretation of answers to the most frequently asked questions about love and relationship.

    The Fool Tarot Love Meaning in Upright position:

    Here you’ll learn the meaning of this card in spreads for singles or those who have just met a partner.

    You are welcome to use the simplest one card love spread. I put below answers to most of the questions about love and relationship, that people usually ask.  It is not going to be just a ‘yes’ or  ‘no’ answer. This answer will give you a deeper insight into his feelings, behavior, and possible outcome of the relationship. I hope, I made your love Tarot readings and predictions easier.

    As always don’t take the given below predictions too close to heart as feelings might change very quickly.

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    Will I meet my new love? The Fool as new love tells you:yes’, you’ll meet your new love. It might be even love from the first sight. At the same time, the Fool as a child persona might indicate that the new relationship might be not serious enough. Or each of you might need to stay independent and have personal space in the relationship. In any case, the Fool always means a beginning of something new. So be ready for a new chapter in your life.

    Tarot Fool as feelings: Does he love me / how much does he love me? Well, Fool as feelings means that he loves you. Still, the Fool indicates a person who is immature in his actions and his life. He may be interested in you now and feel interested in starting a new phase in your relationship. You might even drive him crazy at this point in his life. But he doesn’t think about a future with you at all, just because that’s the way he is, or he might be the kind of person who doesn’t plan his future.

    The Fool as feelings denotes that he is not ready for a serious relationship at the moment. So his feelings for you at the moment are not so stable and deep. And, to tell the truth, he is not ready for any serious relationship with any future at the moment. He feels better when he has time to himself, when he is not tied up in a relationship. He needs some freedom.

    Will he confess his love? Fool has a tricky answer for you. On the one hand, he will confess his love. But keep in mind that his love is not yet mature, and perhaps the confession can be an emotional outburst at a certain minute of time. On the other hand, the Fool will say: “no” if the confession is followed by a serious relationship. Just because he’s not the kind of person to get into a serious relationship right now, he doesn’t want to lose his freedom at the moment. Therefore, he will not do anything that may interfere with his personal space.

    Is he a good match/partner for me / is he the one? He is not serious about his future intentions, as he doesn’t plan anything. He lives ‘here and now’ without thinking of the future and working at the relationship. Do you think he could be a good match for you? I believe, no.

    Does my ex love me / remember me / miss me /will he come back? The Fool as feelings for EX means that he is enjoying the new phase of his new life and thinking about his present without looking back to the past. Even if he thinks about the past, he doesn’t feel much grief or sadness about what happened. The Fool also indicates that the feeling for you was not deep and strong. And relationship with you was not serious for him. Not because you weren’t worthy, just because he’s the kind of person who wasn’t ready to start a serious relationship.

    Will he come back? The Fool as a reconciliation means that you are wasting your time waiting for him to return. The new life captured him, he looks forward and does not think about his past. You probably want to know if he feels sad and disappointed about what happened – no, he didn’t take it seriously for several reasons – either your relationship was not important for him or he was just such kind of person who doesn’t take such things close to his heart.

    Meaning of the Tarot Major Arcana Fool for couples who are pretty long in the relationship. The Fool as relationship analysis means that you both value freedom in your relationship, you don’t think of the future of your relationship.

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