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Four of Swords as Feelings for EX or Present Partner in Love Readings

    What does Four of Swords mean in a love reading?

    The Four of Swords often means that there is a desire to be alone, observe own feelings and sensations, think about what happened and find a rationale, heal, and bounce back after a crisis.

    The Four of Swords in love tarot reading means a period of recovery and healing, interrupted activity, and forced rest. After the heartache brought by the 3 of Swords, time is needed to rest and heal wounds. The 4 of Swords for love is somewhat similar to the meaning of the Hanged Man, but is associated with specific events. The obstacles or difficulties indicated by the 4 of Swords are usually simple and understandable, and overcoming them does not require a revolution in all life foundations, as in the case of the Hanged Man.

    Upright Four of Swords Meaning for Love

    Four of Swords as Feelings

    Four of Swords as feelings for someone

    Four of Swords as feelings means that now he pulled away from you and would like to be alone for some time. There is a certain situation in relation to you, which brought him out of balance. You may have had an argument recently. And now he wants to come back into harmony, to deal with his feelings for you. Because of this 4 of Swords as “How does he feel about me?” means that at the moment, his feelings for you have cooled a little. He does not feel attraction and passion for you. He feels that he needs to be alone and think things through. Now he is guided by common sense and critical thinking, and not by feelings.

    The Four of Swords also hints that improvement will follow. But what exactly is an improvement, only time will tell. It is important that you do not try to somehow force events or demand to explain his feelings – this will not lead to anything good. Leave him alone for as long as he needs. Now he will regard this as a manifestation of love towards him.

    4 of swords as “Does he like me?”

    If you want to know Does he like you and pulled the 4 of Swords, it means that he now decided to take a break for himself. This may be due to the fact that he himself does not fully understand whether he likes you or not. He wants to think everything over and figure it out because he wants to be guided more by logical arguments than to be led by emotions. Perhaps he has been single for a very long time and was not ready that he might like someone, and this confused him. This may be the reason for the suspension, he wants now to observe his feelings and understand himself. Give him time, don’t rush things.

    Does he love me?

    If you are asking “Does he love me?”, 4 of swords means that he does not feel love, passion, and outburst of feelings for you. He now stepped back a little and took a break and plunged into reflection and the search for his truth, on which he can rely. There is something in your relationship that has led to a certain crisis and this is the reason for his coldness and the fading of love for you. The situation will definitely change because every crisis is over. But the card does not say what the partner will come to after a pause.

    Four of Swords as Love Prediction for Singles

    If you are single now, then the Four of Swords for love says that you will not meet a new love in a given period of time and will stay single. Do not despair, the card advises you to let go of the situation and trust the Universe.

    Feelings after breakup

    Swords often symbolize tension. Of course, after a breakup, the tension is maximum. The Four of Swords as feelings after breakup means that his anger subsides, and the heart is filled with peace, his heart is healed. He feels calmness and peace towards you, this is a kind of neutral feeling that is based on reasonable arguments.

    Now he is ready to think it all over logically, let go of destructive emotions and slowly get out of this crisis. But he will not act. He needs time to come to his senses and accept for himself some kind of rationale for what happened. After all, number four in Tarot means some kind of stability support – that’s exactly what he wants to find in his thoughts about your breakup.

    What you definitely should not do is disturb him, call, or write. You should let go of the situation. An improvement in the situation as a whole has already been outlined, but in which direction it will lead is still unknown, but the card does not predict drastic changes.

    Four of Swords as Feelings for EX

    4 of Swords as feelings for EX

    Four of Swords as feelings for EX means that at the moment, he is absolutely calm and neutral towards you. He does not experience either violent feelings or hatred for you (if you broke up badly). It took him a while to calm down and get back to normal. But the circumstances were such that he had to do it. And perhaps not even by his will. Therefore, he has already experienced the crisis associated with feelings for you and now he has absolutely neutral feelings for you. I can say that he took a break and relaxed, and his heart no longer hurts.

    Does he miss me?

    Four of Swords as missing someone means that he is now in such a state that he literally has neither the strength nor the desire to even think about something that can bring him stress. He needs peace now, so he has distanced himself from everything that can disturb him and is inactive. That’s why he doesn’t miss you now. He simply let go of all thoughts associated with you and decided to surrender to the Universe. “Whatever will be, will be” – that’s what he thinks now.

    Does he think of me?

    Four of Swords as thoughts means that he experienced some kind of critical condition associated with you. As a result of this, he can now try not to think or remember anything about you and is trying to bring himself into balance and harmony. Also according to A. Waite, the card can predict that he may think that possible danger or difficulties can be expected from you. But he is ready to calmly accept this situation and not react in any way.

    What does he want?

    If you are asking what he wants, the 4 of Swords as intentions means that he wants to be able to detach himself from the situation and seclude himself. Now he wants to survive the peak of tension that he experienced and calmly come to his senses. He doesn’t want to do anything right now or show up in any way. He wants stagnation for the moment. But this also comes to an end, only there is no understanding of when exactly, but definitely not very soon.

    Will he come back?

    If you are asking “Will he come back?” the Four of Swords as reconciliation means that he is now in such a state that he cannot act. This may be the result of some event, because of which he now feels a forced pause. He resigned to this and calmly abides in solitude and peace. He will not take any action.

    Love Advice

    The Four of Swords as love advice means to let go of your situation. Do not wind yourself up and do not try to keep everything under your control. Do not worry too much and do not think about the bad things. The situation calls for calmness at the moment. Let the Universe calmly resolve this situation for you, because it knows better what is best for you.

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