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Two of Wands as Feelings for Ex or Present Partner

    The Ace means potential and is always a beginning. What about the card of Two of Wands? Is it going to lead to the development of the relationships in the early stage? Let’s see)

    In this post, I will tell you why the Two of Wands as feelings might be not the desired card to get, and I will also describe all the love meanings of this card in your love tarot readings.

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    Take a look at the love meanings of the Major Arcana here.

    General Meaning of the Upright 2 of Wands in Love and Relationships

    First of all, let’s take a look at the general meanings of the card.

    Two is a kind of a next step following the potential of the Ace, it points out the development of the situation. 

    On the card, I see a man who has two wands. He is holding one, and the second wand is standing beside him. This man is standing in his castle and is holding a model of the globe in his hands, and is looking into the distance.

    I am sure that this man is really successful because he is dressed in red and orange clothes, the color of life and success. He is in his own caste. This man seems to me to have everything he wanted. But I don’t see his face and I don’t understand what feelings he is experiencing right now.

    The number two symbolizes the choices and the decisions that will have to be made. The two wands depicted on the card may mean that this man will have to choose between two options. The first option is already what he has (the wands in his hand) and another option is something you can’t change (the wand is fixed). That’s why the man might be dreaming of something else, something adventurous (a globe in his hands).

    So the general meaning of the Two of Wands in card reading is:

    • uncertainty due to a need to make a choice between what you have and dream of
    • doubts as a result of being not fully satisfied with what you have

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    Upright Two of Wands as Feelings in Love Tarot Card Reading

    Will I find my new love?

    Here I cover the meaning that is usually used for a one-card spread for singles with only one question.

    2 of Wands as new love tells that you’ll have to make a choice. So, in general, this card tells you that you are very likely to meet someone to start a relationship with.

    But there may be a situation that the person whom you meet might not seem to you a decent future partner. So you’ll have to make a decision whether to stay with him or break up and start your new journey.

    Or you might meet two potential partners at a time. And you will be uncertain with whom to stay. And again you’ll have to make a decision.

    Tarot Two of Wands as feelings. Two of Wands as How he feels about me?

    Two of Wands as feelings means that your partner feels uncertainty and doubt in relation to you. Because he has to make some choice and he is not sure which one.

    As you can see there is only one person on the card, meaning that there is no full harmony in his relationship.

    He thinks that maybe it would be worth doing something else, maybe it would be worth looking for a better chance, that is, it would be worth waiting until another partner appears in his life. Or perhaps he has met another partner and he has doubts about whether it is worth developing relations with a new partner or developing with a former partner. You may be as a new partner as well as the former one.

    We don’t see the face of the man on the card, so we don’t know how intensive his feelings and emotions are. But taking into account that this is the suite of wands, I believe he is very emotional, but may not show that.

    All this might be either for a short-term period, or such a situation may last for a long period. The card can’t tell you that.

    Will he confess his love?

    Two of Wands as love confession is likely to give you negative divination. Firstly the card itself doesn’t denote love but doubts whether he has feelings for you. Secondly, the two of Wands is not a card that means a result of some action. It is a card that denotes an absence of a result. That’s why it is unlikely that he will confess his love.

    Is he a good match / partner for me? Is he the one?

    If you get Two of Wands when asking if he is the one for you, then this card means that you have doubts. You might think of looking for a better partner for you. And the two of Wands propose you make your choice – either to stay with your current partner or to look for new adventures.

    It’s up to you. You are responsible for making your own choice.

    Will he make a marriage proposal?

    The Two of Wands as marriage says that he is not sure about making you a marriage proposal. He has some doubts as to whether you are that very woman he would like to spend his life with.

    Also, this card tells that he is not ready for bringing the action to result. So you should not wait for his marriage proposal for the time being.

    But don’t be upset. This card doesn’t tell whether he is thinking about it now under the influence of some events and soon the situation may change. Or that he has been thinking about it for a long time and most likely there will be no development of your relationship.

    Two of Wands as Feelings
    Two of Wands as Feelings and other Love meanings

    Upright Two of Wands as Feelings for Ex in Tarot Card Reading

    Does my Ex love me? How does my ex feel about me?

    Look at the man on the card, he turned with his back to us showing that he is not in present now. He turned to his past or to the future.

    Two of Wands as feelings for EX means that he still has doubts about you. He is still thinking that he should have stayed with you and developed your relationships. This card doesn’t mean deep feelings for you. But at the same time, he is still thinking of you. 

    Does my Ex remember me? Does my Ex miss me?

    His thoughts are either in the past or future for sure. So, he remembers you and thinks of you. 

    Two of Wands as does he miss me means that he really misses you. And he thinks that maybe he should have stayed with you. Maybe that could make him happy. 

    Right now he has no confidence and satisfaction in his love sphere of life. Therefore, he returns to the past to understand whether he made the right choice.

    Will my Ex come back?

    This card means that now he is not certain. Two of Wands as will he come back means that he is not sure whether he should make his decision to come back to you or not. 

    At the same time, this card doesn’t show any result in action. So even if he thinks of coming back there is little chance that he will do any action.

    Two of Wands as Feelings for Ex
    Two of Wands as Feelings for Ex

    Upright Two of Wands Meaning for Relationship Analysis. Two of Wands as Outcome after Break-Up.

    If you are just starting a relationship, the Two of Wands means that you are not sure whether it is worth developing your relationship further. You do not feel fully satisfied and would like to search for something else. But you are hesitant and not doing anything.

    If you have been together for a long time and your relationship is harmonious, then the Two of Wands means that you managed to make a union of two opposites. Sometimes it is really not easy to keep the balance in your relationship, and you might think of a better partner for you, but you still know how to stop in time and choose what you have in your hand. Better a bird in the hand than a bird in the sky.

    If there is no harmony in the relationship, then the Two of Wands may indicate that you both think of a better partner to search for. Your relationship is like struggling of opposites. You are both not satisfied with the relationship you have and you both think about whether you need such a relationship or if it is better to get rid of them. In this case, you or he might think of breaking up. But for the time being still not ready to make any steps.

    If you broke up the Two of Wands as an outcome means that you are not sure that you did the right thing. At the same time, you are facing a need to make your decision and you are not ready to do that.


    Here I tried to summarize everything and give you very brief information in the table below.

    Two of Wands as feelings and in Love ReadingsYour reading
    Will I find new love?Yes, but…
    Does he love me? How he feels about me?He has doubts
    Will he confess his love?Not likely
    Is he a good partner for me?Doubtfully
    Will he make a marriage proposal?Not likely
    Does my Ex love me?Could be
    Does my Ex miss me? Does he remember me?Yes…still…
    Will he come back?Not likely

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