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Wheel of Fortune as Feelings for Ex or Present Partner. Wheel of Fortune Love Meaning.

    The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Love meaning

    What kind of association do you have when you hear the word “fortune”? Something positive, right? I would also imagine something very pleasant and unexpected. Do you agree with me? And is this fortune going to last long? I am sure you would answer ‘No’.

    The meaning of the Tarot Wheel of Fortune in love spreads and readings – ‘you’ll be pleased and happy getting positive emotions all of a sudden, but it will not last long.’

    If you want to learn exact answers to your questions about love and relationship in case you got the Wheel of Fortune, especially the Wheel of Fortune as feelings – follow my thoughts in this post.

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    Wheel of Fortune tarot love meaning

    General Meaning of the Upright Wheel of Fortune

    So what the Wheel of Fortune represents?

    First of all, take a look at the picture. The picture of this card seems to be quite awkward for me, as I don’t see any human face as I used to in the previous Arcana. And I can’t get any understanding of how the person on the Arcana feels and acts. And it gives me a feeling that a human being is not able to control the situation if this card shows up. And the main task is to find my place in this picture and not forget about my personal hopes, desires, and wishes.

    A moving wheel, that symbolizes changes in our even everyday life gives me a sense of non-stability and obvious change in the existing situation. In other words, tomorrow our life will differ from what it is today, new things are going to happen, and new people will be met.

    The colors in the picture are positive in my opinion. The wheel is yellow and resembles the sun, i.e. something warm and pleasant. The sky, where the wheel is hanging, is blue and fair and I don’t have any feeling that something bad is going to happen soon.

    I tried to find more information on what the animals reading the books mean. But was not lucky. My personal perception and understanding of this aspect is something unrealistic or something difficult to believe in, a kind of miracle.  Because animals can’t read, actually. They have all the physical powers but not mental.

    Love Spreads I Recommend to Use

    As I’ve already written, the easiest spread is 1 card love spread.  Sometimes such spreads are also called “Yes and No spreads”. You should remember that in order to get an accurate reading you should ask only one question – it is my strict recommendation. The questions about love and relationship that I propose to use are listed below. In my opinion, such spreads are good if you want to get an overall understanding of the situation. And most of the meanings I propose here are good for one-card spreads.

    Of course, quite often one card is not enough for analysis. And in this case, I would suggest using 3 card spread. Here you are able to analyze the course of development of the relationships or feelings. But this spread also requires a deeper understanding of the Tarot card meanings as in combination with other cards the meaning might change. However, the main aspects of the meanings I give you in this blog still will be preserved.

    Keep in mind that your attitude is very important.

    In my spreads, I use this Tarot deck, you may check it here.

    Upright Wheel of Fortune as Feelings in Love Reading 

    Will I meet my love?

    I’m writing here about a one-card spread for singles with only one question.

    I am sure you’ve read the explanation of the general meaning of this card, and now can answer this question by yourself, even without my help). The Wheel of Fortune as new love means yes, you’ll meet a new partner. Your life will change for the better. Very likely everything will happen unexpectedly or in a way, you couldn’t even imagine.

    If you wonder how soon is it going to happen, I will answer you “very soon”. The Wheel of Fortune is a very fast card.

    Will your new relationship last long? Nope. Either you decide that he is not the man you’d like to stay with, or his feelings for you will change. In any case, it is the mere Fortune that sent you such a relationship and it means that there is a lesson for you to learn. Accept it with gratitude.

    Wheel of Fortune as How does he feel about me? Does he love me?

    The Wheel of Fortune as feelings will answer you, ‘Today your partner loves you. But what will he say tomorrow – I don’t know’. As I already mentioned the Wheel is always moving. Thus, his feelings are always changing. Even if you are sure of his love today, there is no certainty that his love and your relationship will last long.

    Of course, Wheel of Fortune card will not give you a clear answer to the question of how much he loves you. Today you’ll feel as if you are the whole world to him and tomorrow everything may change. And you’ll understand that it was just flirting. No certainty.

    To learn more I would recommend pulling out an additional card to clarify the situation. But remember, there is nothing negative in this card. Everything happens for you to learn.

    Will he confess his love? 

    Again, based on the general meaning of the card I can predict that he might confess. More likely his confession will be all of a sudden for you, or in some strange environment. But you shouldn’t take his intentions for granted. Keep in mind that he might change his decision soon.

    Why would he do that? – you would ask. Well, he might be in a romantic mood and feel happy at that moment. Just know that the Wheel of Fortune indicates that it might be an unexpected action for him. It is not the case that he has been thinking of the confession for a long and is sure of his intentions.

    Is he a good match / partner for me? Is he the one?

    Before answering this question I would like you to think about an ideal partner for you. Who is he as a person? Stable, reliable, predictable? Or maybe you see yourself close to a man who appears like a sparkle in your life and brings tons of pleasant emotions?  Then disappears for a while. And the story repeats again. It’s like a zebra – some lightness and then some darkness in your life.

    So, which person would you like to be your partner? The first or the second?

    If you chose the first type of person – then the Wheel of Fortune tells you clearly that he is not the one for you. Even if today he seems to be a gift of fate, I may assure you, very soon you’ll change your mind.

    If you think that stability is not for you and the second type of person is what you are looking for, then you have him. Just be prepared for fast changes. But I believe you like changes.

    Will he make a marriage proposal?

    Guess, what the Wheel of Fortune predicts?

    Wheel of Fortune doesn’t show stable and long-lasting relationships. Thus, in such relationships, there is little possibility that a marriage will be at the end. And in this case, the Wheel of Fortune as marriage in my practice will most likely give you the answer No, you won’t get a marriage proposal.

    But the Wheel of Fortune is a tricky card!

    So, the Wheel of Fortune as marriage in some cases may also mean that quite unexpectedly he might make you a marriage proposal. You’ll take it as happiness, at least you’ll feel very pleased as if you won the lottery.  But don’t think that he is serious. As I mentioned above, his moods and intentions are changing all the time. And the next day he might change his idea of marrying you.

    Upright Wheel of Fortune as Feelings for Ex

    Does my Ex love me?

    The most difficult thing is to make readings for Ex. As there is little chance that you’ll find confirmation of the prediction.

    From my experience, I’d say that the Wheel of Fortune as feelings for Ex means that he has an interest in you and your life. From time to time he might ask someone about what is going on in your life. But it is not because he loves you. The Wheel of Fortune has the same prediction and meaning for love questions for the Ex as for the current partner. And you already know it as you read it above.

    Even if it seems to you that he loves you – it is not for long. First of all his feelings are changing all the time. And secondly, he has no serious intentions at this point in time.

    So better look around for new partners, and leave your past in the past.

    Does my Ex remember me? Does my Ex miss me?

    As I mentioned in the section about the general meaning, the Wheel of Fortune means positive things. That’s why the Wheel of Fortune as does he miss me means that he is likely to think of you and miss you. He has pleasant memories of you. But it is not a situation when he is thinking of you all the time. That happens from time to time. And of course, there is no deep and pure love in his memories, just a very good attitude and a kind of attraction.

    Also, it is not a case when he misses and thinks of you all day long. He has just pleasant memories occasionally and nothing serious. It is not the case when he suffers.

    Will my Ex come back? 

    The Wheel of Fortune as reunion means that he might think of coming back. It might be unexpected news for you. But I should warn you. The Wheel of Fortune as reconciliation means that your Ex has definitely no long-lasting serious intentions in respect to your relationship. And also he might be interested in getting some gain or benefit from you. That might be just sex for one time or any other pleasant thing. So, better don’t think of his coming back. Let him live his own life.

    Upright Wheel of Fortune Meaning for Relationship Analysis

    The Wheel of Fortune as relationship analysis tells that your relationship is not stable now. I would say that harmony in your pair depends upon your moods heavily. I would also suggest that you are not married, and someone of you does not want an official marriage. When I see this card showing up in a relationship analysis spread, I always have a feeling that the partners are not going to stay together for a long time. It is like a temporary and not very serious relationship for each of them or at least one of them. However, I can’t name this type of relationship as bad and unhappy. Both partners enjoy the unpredictability of the relationship, they have much pleasure and unexpected surprises.

    The Wheel of Fortune as an outcome tells you to be ready for some pleasant change. And this change is going to happen quite soon. It might be those opportunities you were dreaming about. In any case, strike while the iron is hot.

    If any of your questions are left unanswered – let me know. You may write a message on the contact form of this website.

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