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Five of Swords as Feelings for EX or Present Partner in Love Readings

    What does Five of Swords mean in a love reading?

    Many people who practice Tarot card reading do not like the Five of Swords card. They consider it insidious and unpleasant. On the other hand, it is one of the many cards with a dual meaning. In the picture on the card, I see both the winner and 2 losers. Therefore, the meaning of the card can be interpreted as both a victory and a defeat. So what meaning to choose in a love tarot reading?

    In any case, if you imagine the situation pictured on the card, you’ll agree that both sides do not have triumph and joy. Even the winner doesn’t look happy. He feels only disdain, as A. Waite, the co-creator of this Tarot deck, writes here. The winner does not get obvious pleasure from his victory. The feelings of those leaving are also clearly indicated – shame and dishonor.

    The main message and meaning of card 5 of Swords in a love reading is that whatever you do and on which side you would not find yourself (a winner or a loser) – you will understand that this is an obviously lose-lose situation for both parties.

    The card can describe situations when difficulties and tension arise, an aggravation of the conflict, or some mean act that led to conflict, shame, or dishonor.

    The main message of this card is to get away from a destructive situation since you will either lose or win, but that will not bring you satisfaction. In the case of a loser, you will feel humiliation, shame and dishonor. And if you find yourself in the role of a winner, victory may turn out to be empty and the taste of success may become bitter.

    Like all cards with the number five, the 5 of Swords predicts losses and problems. In the case of Swords, the loss in the sphere of communication.

    Upright Five of Swords Meaning for Love

    Five of Swords as Feelings

    Five of Swords as feelings for someone

    Five of Swords as feelings for someone will tell you that he feels bitter. It is because he does not understand you or your actions. Or because what he sought in your relationship did not bring him the expected outcome. As a result, he might step back from you and be quite cold towards you. If you act somehow in this situation, this can lead to a conflict, after which it is unlikely that anything will be settled or returned back.

    So if you are asking “How someone feels about you?” and pull 5 of Swords that means that he might feel that you treat him with disdain, and not the way he would like. And therefore, this realization is unpleasant for him, and he, like a character in the picture, stepped back and quietly experiences his emotions of defeat by himself.

    Does he love me?

    If you are asking “Does he love me?” and draw card 5 of Swords, then you should be ready for not a positive answer, at least at the present moment.

    The card means that he feels no love but rather a coldness for you. That could be a temporary state when you didn’t find a common language on some issues. Or that might be a constant feeling towards you because of 2 reasons.

    The first reason is that he feels defeated or shameful. Maybe you did something that insulted him. and right now he stays alone and tries not to talk to you. And the second reason is that he acts arrogantly in order to gain something he wants but at the same time offends you in some way.

    In any case, the meaning of 5 of Swords as Does he love you? means no, at least not at the moment.

    Feelings after the breakup

    Five of Swords as feelings after the breakup means that he feels like he has failed. At the same time, he experiences an unpleasant feeling of shame and dishonor. So he wants to say – why did I need this?

    Or something happened during the breakup that made him feel that way about you. Either the relationship itself became unbearable for him, most likely due to a misunderstanding of each other, so that he acted in such a way that he broke off these relations, but not entirely ethically. He could bring you insults and humiliation as a result. But he himself is not satisfied with this situation.

    In any case, he does not feel love, warmth, or positive emotions in his feelings for you right now – only intense coldness, associated either with a sense of shame or with a feeling of victory with a bitter aftertaste.

    5 of Swords as Love Prediction for Singles

    The Five of Swords as new love for singles says that you will not meet a new and true love in a given period. If you are single you may meet a person who may seem like a worthy partner to you. But just show up. Be careful not to trust him blindly. Trust your intuition and if something is wrong, immediately stop communicating. The card may mean that you may end up being insulted or humiliated in this relationship.

    Five of Swords as Feelings for EX

    Five of Swords as Feelings for an EX

    Five of Swords as Feelings for an EX means that his feelings are full of bitterness and defeat. In most cases, the card says that you do not communicate with him, and don’t stay in touch with him. And that’s really what he wants now.

    On one hand, your Ex may have a very unpleasant aftertaste in his soul from your betrayal, maybe not actual betrayal, but in some other area of life. He feels dishonor and shame that he could love such a person and that they did this to him.

    On the other hand, your Ex may feel that he got what he wanted and this may have been the reason for your breakup. But he is not happy with this result. He understands that he acted incorrectly and did not win anything.

    In any case, if we talk about feelings, then 5 of Swords tells us that this is definitely not love, not romantic feelings. It’s just coldness and a critical look at the whole situation.

    Does he miss me?

    Five of Swords as Does he miss me? means that he can’t stop thinking about you. Swords represent a powerful mental energy. At the same time, 5 of Swords as thoughts means that all his thoughts are connected with the feeling of humiliation and insult or similar that he received from you. Therefore, of course, he does not miss you and feel romantic nostalgia for you but wants to prove something to you even on a mental level, and take revenge.

    Does he think of me?

    5 of swords as what someone thinks of you means that he may think of you rather dismissively as someone who is not worthy of him. In any case, his thoughts about you are not filled with love and romance, but rather with bitterness.

    5 of Swords as desire

    Five of Swords as desires means that anything he desires now will lead to conflict. This may be contrary to your desires and because of this, misunderstanding and coldness will arise. Perhaps he wants to prove something to you and not in a completely correct way. He might want to make you feel humiliated and defeated. At the same time, there is not a drop of love in the soul, there is only a fierce and logical desire.

    What does he want?

    The Five of Swords as intentions says that he really wants you to feel humiliated and insulted in some way. Maybe it’s in retaliation for what you did to him. In any case, you should not expect that he wants to do something nice for you if this card has fallen.

    Will he contact me?

    Card Five of Swords does not imply active actions, because the actions have already taken place and each side is “reaping the benefits”. And these benefits are not at all pleasant. The only possibility when 5 of Swords as Will he contact me? can mean that he will contact you is only in case to sort things out in order to humiliate you or insult you in some way. Therefore, the card says that do not wait for that, you will still get little pleasure from the contact.

    Will he come back?

    Five of Swords as reconciliation means that he feels defeated and broken. He can’t calm the feeling of bitterness and resentment in his soul from everything that happened between you. And it doesn’t matter which of you came out of this situation as a winner, who decided to leave first, this did not bring satisfaction to any of the parties and the expected result.

    So 5 of Swords as Will he come back will tell you that even if he has thoughts about returning to you, he cannot get rid of the thought that this is a lose-lose relationship. For this reason, he will be inactive and not take steps to come back to you.

    Five of Swords as Relationship Outcome

    In your relationship, misunderstanding reigns. This leads to the fact that one of you humiliates and insults the other. Five of Swords as relationship advice tells you – if you are in a losing position, do not commit deceit or betrayal, and if you are the winner in this relationship – do not treat your partner with arrogance. In any case, the advice is to stay at a distance, because now any clarification of the relationship and the desire to discuss the situation will only lead to conflict.

    Five of Swords as a relationship outcome means that your relationship is either in conflict or is heading towards it. You may come out of the conflict either as a winner with a losing victory in advance or as a loser with the corresponding feelings. None of that helps build relationships.

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