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Six of Swords as Feelings for EX

    You may learn the meaning of the Six of Swords as feelings and does he love you, the meaning of the Six of Swords in a relationship, the meaning of the Six of Swords in a love reading including answers to questions about his thoughts, intentions and more.

    Tarot Six of Swords as Feelings for EX

    Six of Swords as feelings for EX if you broke up a long time ago

    If you broke up a long time ago, then this card indicates that he is now calm and peaceful. All experiences and, if there were defeats in love, for him remained in the past and behind. He moves forward and does not look back.

    Therefore, 6 of swords as feelings for EX means that he does not have passion and strong emotional feelings for you, he does not miss or feel nostalgic. At the same time, he thinks of you in a positive way and is grateful to you for the changes in his life. And wishes you all the very best and is interested in your well-being. This card may also mean that he can and will help you if necessary, like the ferryman depicted.

    Six of Swords as feelings for EX if you broke up recently

    Six of Swords as feelings after the breakup means that he feels that it is time for each of you to sail in your own boat on a separate path. And although it is not known what will happen ahead, on the other side, this transition is still positive.

    On the other hand, there is a small chance that Six of Swords as feelings after the breakup may mean that he is thinking about returning to you. But this is only if you are sure that it will bring a positive change in your relationship. If the relationship before the break was conflicting and inharmonious, then he wants to sail further to new shores on his own, without you. And he wishes you all the best.

    Upright 6 of Swords as does he miss me

    The card means that the person is overwhelmed with thoughts. And 6 of Swords as does he miss me means that he thinks about you. But swords are a suit that does not have signs of sentimentality and emotional uplift. This is most likely a logical understanding of your situation.

    He may think that you are now embarking on a new journey and each to your own. And there is some anxiety and insecurity. And he, like this ferryman on the card, would like to help deal with these changes. he thinks of you in a positive way and does not harbor malice and resentment. On the contrary, he wishes all the best to you and is ready to help if necessary – like the ferryman on the card.

    Upright 6 of Swords as will he come back

    This card means that a person is leaving the zone of tension, leaving the conflict, although he is not sure what awaits him in the future. Therefore, Six of Swords as will he come back means that he is not thinking about returning now, he is experiencing changes and overcoming the difficulties associated with this.

    However, he is not angry with you and would like you to be all right. He is ready for a dialogue, but not for a return to a relationship. At least at the moment.

    Six of Swords General Meaning for Love Readings

    Brief Background and General Meaning of the Six of Swords

    After the crisis that we experienced on the 5 of Swords card, the suit continues. This means that we are still overcoming this crisis, at the very least, and are setting off for unknown shores.

    On the card, we see a woman with a child and a ferryman who is taking them to the other side. We see them from the back, we do not see what emotions they have, what feelings and state. Therefore, the Six of Swords can have a whole range of meanings.

    The most obvious meaning is, of course, the journey, the trip, the movement towards the new. But it doesn’t have to be a real trip.

    The Six of Swords means also the virtual journey. That is, the Six of Swords suggests that you can simply surf on the Internet visiting various sites, or you can sit on social networks and communicate with a large number of people.

    The Six of Swords, like all six of the minor arcana, including the Major Arcana Lovers, is also an exchange of information. All sixes mean interacting with people.

    Thus, the general meaning of the Six of Swords is

    • changes, transition
    • leaving the stress zone
    • attempt to overcome difficulties
    • interest in the well-being of others
    • uncertainty about the future

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