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What does the Seven of Swords mean in a love reading?

    Seven of Swords Meaning for Love
    Seven of Swords Meaning for Love

    Seven of Swords in love readings

    Usually, Seven of Swords is interpreted today as deceit and betrayal, but these are later interpretations. Old interpretations considered this card primarily in the meaning of perseverance in a difficult, dangerous situation.

    In a picture by Coleman-Smith, a man stealthily leaves the camp. This is the only character in the entire Waite-Smith deck who holds swords by their sharp parts with his bare hands. It’s wrong to keep it that way, it’s dangerous. And besides, the swords are pointed downwards. Soon the blades of the swords will cut into his palms, and holding them will become unbearable, impossible. This is how the artist conveyed the meaning of “useless efforts” embedded in the “Golden Dawn”. Therefore, one of the meanings of Seven of Swords in a love reading is useless efforts, unstable efforts.

    Also, in terms of the appearance of the character and his posture, the key significance of the Seven of Swords is associated with borrowing for personal purposes something that does not belong to him, while there can be as many shades and nuances as you like. So this interpretation of the Seven of Swords also can be used in love readings.

    On the other hand, the Seven of Swords suggests solving the problem with a clever strategic maneuver. Ettailla, the French occultist and tarot-researcher, described the Seven of Swords as “hope”.

    The spectrum of meanings of Seven of Swords in love readings is very wide: from exploration, strategy, preparation for action – to espionage, deception and flight.

    Briefly, the Seven of Swords in love readings means: attempt, desire, hope, confidence, a plan that is unlikely to come true, and even enmity and irritation.

    You may learn the meaning of the Seven of Swords as feelings and does he love you, the Seven of Swords as feelings for Ex and does he miss you, the meaning of the Seven of Swords in a relationship.

    Seven of Swords keeps coming up

    If Seven of Swords keeps coming up that means that you need to resort to cunning and unconventional actions. It can also mean that there is a person in your environment who is cunning, but you have no idea about it.

    Most often in love and relationships reading if Seven of Swords keeps coming up means that someone undertakes tricks to get to know more about you, or to see you, without you guessing about it.

    After all, he is fearful that he will not succeed and is not yet ready to open up. Most likely, Seven of Swords indicate that you are being watched and spied on, not in a negative sense.

    Seven of Swords as a new love relationship for Singles

    If you are single and asking about a new love, then the 7 of Swords can have several meanings.

    The Seven of Swords as a new love for singles may mean that the new partner will not be single and you may have a secret romance. Also, the card can say that the partner can lie to you about his intentions or about his marital status, he can go to deceit and tricks to be with you. Of course, such a relationship will not bring anything positive in the end. But do not be discouraged – pull another card to confirm or reject this meaning.

    On the other hand, on a more positive note, the Seven of Swords for love for s single may mean that you need to be creative in order to meet your partner. Otherwise, you will not meet. Also, the card can talk about your fears that all efforts are in vain and nothing will work out.

    In this case, I will again remind you that the futility of hopes and efforts is a later interpretation of the meaning of this card. Initially, old interpretations considered this card primarily in the meaning of perseverance in a difficult situation.

    That is, be persistent, even if you are scared and afraid of what will come out as a result, and even if your doubts are very strong. And the Universe will help you. Tune in to the best thoughts and you will get everything you want.

    Seven of Swords as What someone thinks of you

    Since this card has so many meanings, it is better to pull an additional card to clarify how to interpret the meaning of this card to answer this question.

    Seven of Swords as thoughts mean that what he thinks of you is unambiguous. His thoughts may be that you or your feelings for him are not fully understood. He may think that you are going for some tricks, or non-standard solutions in relation to him. He can’t understand how you feel about him.

    Also, the card may mean that he thinks that all actions are in vain and will not bring the expected result. And he’s about ready to give up, but he’s not giving up yet.

    On the other hand, Seven of Swords as what someone thinks of you means that he thinks about you and in his soul there is a hope that everything is possible. And you just need to act outside the box. And now he is looking for and pondering ideas and developing plans for these actions. It can be both cunning and tricks and not necessarily in a negative sense.

    If you do not contact so often, then he may explore you in his thoughts, and try to find out some information about you. He may think about how to find out about you the information he needs. Or how to make it so that he can spy on you. Again, this is not in a negative sense.

    Seven of Swords as What someone wants from you

    Seven of Swords as intentions means that he wants to find some non-standard way to approach you. He does not intend to explicitly and clearly state his intentions (perhaps because of the fear that he will not succeed), so he is trying to find some tricks. And he is not ready to act openly. He intends to seek and ponder plans in relation to you. It could be a plan to see each other like by chance, to talk to you about the topic he needs so that you do not understand that he needs it more than you.

    On the other hand, Seven of Swords as What someone wants from you may mean that he wants you to act outside the box, perhaps go to some kind of trick to get what you want. The question is what he wants you to do now. After all, the card can also speak of the desire to get away from annoying duties. Perhaps he wants you to be smarter and more flexible in some situations in the best sense of the word. In any case, he expects an unusual act from you, so that you act differently than you usually behave. Perhaps he just expects from you an unobtrusive initiative, a little cunning, creativity – that this somehow happened by itself, without his participation. And I’m sure you can guess what I’m talking about.

    Seven of Swords as Will he contact me

    Seven of Swords as Will he contact me means that he has the intention of contacting you. He comes up with a whole plan of how to do it. But for some reason, he cannot do it openly and explicitly. For some reason, he is forced to go to some tricks so that this is not perceived as his desire, but as a pleasant coincidence. The reason for this may be doubts and uncertainty about the result. Therefore, he does not want his initiative to be explicit, so that in case of defeat, he would not lose face.

    Perhaps you are in such a situation that you cannot openly contact. You may be in a secret relationship. Therefore, he is now considering a plan for how to get in touch with you and not harm your position.

    General Meaning of Seven of Swords
    General Meaning of Seven of Swords

    Here are brief traditional meanings of the Seven of Swords in general readings:

    • Vain actions
    • Your doubts are very strong
    • Fear
    • Creative, even tricky, way of thinking and acting

    The Seven of Swords reminds you of wisdom and caution in any business, you should not reveal your plans to anyone, and your frankness can turn against you yourself. The Seven of Swords hints that each person brings new truth into the world and each of us meets with new mysteries.

    This card can indicate an easy way out or escape from annoying duties. Or it may hint that for certain situations it is necessary for you to be more cunning or tricky, more treacherous, and more flexible.

    Constantly thinking and analyzing, you will finally understand that sometimes when making decisions you are led not by your sound mind, but by your fears. Especially fears that you will do something wrong and no matter what area of life concerns the question you are interested in, the Seven of Swords in any case might mean vain actions.

    The sevens of minor arcana act primarily as a symbol of a feeling of fear. That fear is so deep inside that you have already developed a certain model of behavior – similar to the man’s behavior pictured on the card. Breaking out, fear tells you, what if this time it’s all in vain, I’ve been unlucky before, and again something will happen that I can’t handle.

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