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What does the Seven of Swords mean in a relationship?

    Seven of Swords relationship meaning
    Seven of Swords relationship meaning

    In this post, I wrote in detail what the Seven of Swords means in a love reading, including answers to questions about new love relationships for singles, his thoughts, intentions, what he wants from you, and will he contact you. Actually, the same information may be used for interpretation if you are dealing with relationship card reading.

    I will remind you here briefly, the Seven of Swords relationship meaning as well as in love readings may include the next meanings: attempt, desire, hope, confidence, a plan that is unlikely to come true, and even enmity and irritation.

    Seven of Swords as a future relationship

    If you are asking about future relationships, then the Seven of Swords can have several meanings.

    The Seven of Swords as a future relationship may mean that in a new relationship, your new partner may not be single and you may have a secret affair. Also, the card can say that the partner can lie to you about his intentions or about his marital status, he can go to deceit and tricks to be with you. Of course, such a relationship will not bring anything positive in the end. But do not be discouraged – pul another card to confirm or reject this meaning.

    On the other, more positive side, the Seven of Swords as a future relationship can mean that you need to be creative in order to get what you hope for in a new relationship. Also, the card can talk about your fears that all efforts are in vain and nothing will work out.

    In this case, I will again remind you that fears and the futility of hopes and efforts are a later interpretation of the meaning of this card. Initially, old interpretations considered this card primarily in the meaning of perseverance in a difficult, incomprehensible situation.

    That is, Seven of Swords as a future relationship advises you to be persistent, even if you are scared and afraid of what will come out as a result, and even if your doubts are very strong. And the Universe will help you. Tune in to the best thoughts and you will get everything.

    There are no ideal relationships and ideal partners. There are those that suit us. Therefore, as the Outcome card says, you need to be flexible and resourceful, somewhat cunning in these respects, in order to get what you want. If these traits are not in your character and this is difficult, then perhaps the card is hinting to you that most likely this is not the relationship that will make you happy.

    You may learn the meaning of the Seven of Swords as feelings and does he love you, the Seven of Swords as feelings for Ex and does he miss you, the meaning of the Seven of Swords in a love reading including answers to questions about his thoughts, intentions and more.

    Seven of Swords as relationship outcome

    Seven of Swords as a relationship outcome means that to keep the relationship in harmony and balance, you need to be flexible and perhaps go for some tricks and tricks. Not necessarily in a negative way. This is how women’s tricks are – to say the right word in time, to manipulate the female power in an unbearable way. There is nothing wrong with this, and very often such women’s tricks are used and long-term relationships are maintained.

    Also, the Seven of Swords as a relationship outcome can mean that there will be some secrets in the relationship. Sometimes it also means cheating. But for such a result, it is better to draw one more card to confirm or reject such an interpretation.

    On the other hand, the Seven of Swords as a relationship outcome may mean that there will be fears and doubts in the relationship, because of which someone of the partners will not be able to manifest themselves fully and openly. It’s like in a situation – “Try to guess what I want. And for some reason, I’m afraid to tell you about my wants. Likely because I’m afraid you won’t understand me.”

    Another meaning of Seven of Swords as a relationship outcome, not the most common, is that you got something that you have no right to claim. Very often this applies to relationships in love triangles. And as a rule, the card does not predict that these relations will somehow change in the nearest future.

    Seven of Swords as relationship advice

    Seven of Swords as relationship advice tells you that you should show flexibility, and ingenuity and act outside the box. It is possible to be cunning. This is not about the negative aspect, but about the female cunning that saved more than one relationship.

    On the other hand, if you cannot act as described above because of your nature or for other reasons, then let go of the situation. The man on the card holds swords by their sharp parts with his bare hands. It’s wrong to keep it that way, it’s dangerous. And besides, the swords are pointed downwards. Soon the blades of the swords will cut into his palms, and holding them will become unbearable, impossible. This is exactly what you are doing right now in your relationship. This is how the artist conveyed the meaning of “useless efforts” embedded in the “Golden Dawn”. So if this is your situation, Seven of Swords as relationship advice will tell you – don’t waste your energy, direct it to something else – rather to yourself.

    If you ask about relationships in a love triangle, then nothing will change. You will continue to resort to tricks and tricks to date your partner. in this situation Seven of Swords as relationship advice will tell you to let your partner go and try to think out od the box and see other variants in your life.

    General Meaning of Seven of Swords
    General Meaning of Seven of Swords

    Here are brief traditional meanings of the Seven of Swords in general readings:

    • Vain actions
    • Your doubts are very strong
    • Fear
    • Creative, even tricky, way of thinking and acting

    The Seven of Swords reminds you of wisdom and caution in any business, you should not reveal your plans to anyone, and your frankness can turn against you yourself. The Seven of Swords hints that each person brings new truth into the world and each of us meets with new mysteries.

    This card can indicate an easy way out or escape from annoying duties. Or it may hint that for certain situations it is necessary for you to be more cunning or tricky, more treacherous, and more flexible.

    Constantly thinking and analyzing, you will finally understand that sometimes when making decisions you are led not by your sound mind, but by your fears. Especially fears that you will do something wrong and no matter what area of life concerns the question you are interested in, the Seven of Swords in any case might mean vain actions.

    The sevens of minor arcana act primarily as a symbol of a feeling of fear. That fear is so deep inside that you have already developed a certain model of behavior – similar to the man’s behavior pictured on the card. Breaking out, fear tells you, what if this time it’s all in vain, I’ve been unlucky before, and again something will happen that I can’t handle.

    But still, another voice comes from the depths of the soul, which whispers – this time everything will be different, suddenly he will love you again. Try again and again. Don’t give up. And you are somehow gathering your strength, but that can’t last for a long time, and pessimism again takes over you. The old logic of the development of events is returning, doubts are emerging behind which there is a fear that everything is again useless and will lead to nothing. This feeling is so deeply ingrained in you that despite your best efforts, you still think you are doing something wrong.

    Then let everything go by itself, let your partner go, because neither from him nor from this situation you will get what you want, whether it be love, mutual understanding and feelings of security, harmony or some other desire of the soul. Rely on luck and get rid of doubts. After all, you are an undeniably wonderful person, you have traveled certain life paths up to the present moment, and you had ups and downs, there was a time when the sky was covered with heavy clouds, but then the sun shone all over. So it is likely that tomorrow you will also have a sunny day, do not lose heart, because you will find a way out of any situation.

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