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How to Perceive Love Tarot Divination: an Example from Practice

    In this post, you’ll learn the principles of how to perceive love tarot divination. As a rule, during a tarot reading you might get quite unexpected foretelling. And the only thing you should be focused on is the following:

    Your attitude means a lot. It determines your perception.

    The first and the most important thing to remember about the Tarot – is that the cards give us information on our present attitude to the situation in our relationship. I mean, how we perceive our relationship here and now.

    That means that if you change something today in your relationship or even in your attitude to your partner, then your future will be different. And the Tarot helps us to take a look at our situation from a different angle.

    Let's think of an example. Imagine you are in love with some man here and now. The next day you'll cheat on him with another man. So your attitude towards the first man will change. Just in two days, you are not sure about your feelings for the first man. And here you should make a decision.

    Love Tarot divination helps to make a decision.

    Thus, the Tarot is a great instrument to receive the information you need at the right time. This information is necessary for you to make the right decision in your current situation. Tarot divination gives guidance on what to do. In such a way, you may make your future better with the help of the Tarot. In any case, your attitude towards the future will be prepared.

    Example from my practice and practice of my teachers.

    Tarot love spread
    Relationship Analysis

    A young man met a girl. He fell in love with the girl from the first second. At the same time, he had already had a relationship with another girl, actually his girlfriend, for two years. He decided to ask the Tarot about the girl he had just met. The Tarot reader made a 3-card relationship analysis and pulled out the cards you see in the picture.

    As you can see, the Tarot gave an answer – the beginning of the relationship was very possible, as both of them saw a partner in each other.

    But the spread showed an unfavorable card as an outcome of their relationship, his overall future with that new girl would not be promising, but full of fear and depression.

    So, our young man had an answer from the Tarot. Basing upon this answer, he should have made a decision what to do:

    • stay with his current girlfriend and be sure that his relationship and feeling would be stagnant and not intriguing
    • begin dating the new girl, enjoy the passion and romantic relationship at the start of the relationship. But then as a result feel depressed.

    Guess what he chose?

    The second variant.
    After a short period of time love and deep passion passed away, she found another young man. She broke his heart.

    Can the Tarot answer questions like “How does he feel about me / does he love me?”

    Yes! But you should bear in mind that love means different things for different people. And in our example above the young man might have been happy dating a girl who had cheated on him. Because he perceives true love as situations when his heart bleeds. And the outcome of the spread mentioned above might really be favorable for him. Because it describes an emotional situation that means love for him.

    Magician love meaning
    The Magician love meaning
    Another example, you get the Magician as an answer to the question 'does he love me?' The answer will be – yes, he loves you. Because the Magician means a partner who devotes much attention to his girlfriend, he will take into account her interests and needs.

    BUT. The Magician also means quite a cold type of person. So the attention and care would not be romantic, warm, sensual, and emotional; it would be rather strategical and practical. So, if love means the same things for you – then you will be happy with your partner; and your partner is a good match for you.

    And if you expect your partner to be romantic, do not force him; he is not going to meet your expectations. Because he is not able, he loves you with love that is different from your understanding of love. And in this case, you might consider making a decision and finding a new partner, because such type of love will not make you happy.

    Let’s summarize the basic principles of how to perceive love tarot divination.

    • Perceive it as necessary information for making a decision. Ask for more details of the card meaning if you still feel a lack of information.
    • Analyze the divination information concerning your current attitude towards the situation.
    • Make your decision.

    And as you saw your decision will depend greatly on your attitude!