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Two of Swords as Feelings for Ex or Present Partner and other Love Meanings

    In this post, I will tell you my opinion of what the Two of Swords means, in particular, the Two of Swords as feelings. And I will also describe all the love meanings of this card in your love tarot readings.

    The Two of Swords as feelings means that he has conflicting feelings and is not sure of anything. Do you want to know more – keep reading.

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    Background and Meaning of the Upright Two of Swords

    Let’s take a look at the picture of the Two of Swords card. I see here a woman who is sitting on the shore of the sea or a pond. The woman’s eyes are blindfolded. And most likely she blindfolded herself as if she herself did not want to see what was going on around her.

    The woman’s arms are crossed and in each hand, there is a sword. The moon depicted on the card also caught my attention. The moon and water symbolize intuition and the subconscious. The way the woman looks on the Two of Swords card, it is clear that she is turning away from her intuition. She turns away from her feminine and her intuition, and she does not want to listen to her intuition.

    I see that the woman feels tense and it is clear that she wants to solve some issue, some dilemma, and make some choice with the help of her mind. It is precisely these swords that symbolize the mind. Blindfolding symbolizes the reluctance to see something obvious. But this obvious thing might be seen only purely intuitively. That woman does not want to listen to her feelings, she wants to solve everything logically. But she fails to solve it logically – and as a result, we see that tension created by the images on the card. After all, it is very difficult physically to hold swords in such a position, try imagining that and you’ll understand what the woman really feels.

    The number Two always symbolizes either a union or an opposite. From the picture on the Two of Swords card, I unequivocally conclude that here the two is the opposite. Swords are the mind and thoughts. Hence the main meaning of the card of 2 of swords is:

    • opposite thoughts, conflicting thoughts, doubts, indecision, and submission to circumstances
    • inner tension

    I always refer to reliable sources in my research of the Tarot. In this case, I mean the primary source – Arthur Edward Waite, the co-creator of the Tarot card deck that I use in my spreads. He also points out that according to other interpretations, the card can talk about affection, intimacy, and tenderness. I also agree with this, because the number two means a union. Still, since this is the suit of swords, I believe that here we are not talking about the emotional level, but about the mental level. That is, these meanings should be used as a second layer of information of the Two of Swords card, which can be opened depending on the surrounding cards in the spread.

    Difference between the 2 of Swords and 2 of Wands in meaning

    Difference Between 2 of Wands and 2 of Swords

    The Two of Wands, as well as the Two of Swords, also means indecision, doubt, and choice. But doubts are a little different from the Two of Swords card.

    What is the difference in meaning between the Two of Swords and the Two of Wands? The Two of Wands tells that a person already has some definite stable position, he has his own world. Suppose it is a relationship, so the person already has some existing resources. But he thinks about whether he is satisfied with these resources, or whether he needs something more.

    It is the situation when a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. So by Two of Wands, the person might be thinking of the two birds in the bush. This is something unknown, is it worth it, let’s say, to change something familiar and stable for something perhaps better and more but unknown? What if it doesn’t work out there? So, according to the card of 2 of wands, the person has doubts and the choice of such kind.

    And according to the 2 of Swords card, the choice is between two equal opportunities, or between two similar options. And the person cannot choose, because they are absolutely identical. He tries to make a choice logically. He doesn’t listen to his intuition. And it’s impossible to make a logical decision.

    Upright Two of Swords as Feelings and other meanings in Love Tarot Card Reading

    In my spreads, I use this Tarot deck, you may check it here.

    Two of Swords as Feelings

    Tarot Two of Swords as Will I find my new love?

    Two of Swords as new love means that you will not meet new love, the card does not mean manifestations of activity and novelty. It seems that you are now blindfolded and do not see the obvious. Perhaps you should open your eyes and look around. There is a possibility that a new love has long been close to you. But you did not notice this, because there was no emotional outburst. Swords do not predict emotions, but rather a rational approach to the situation.

    In any case, Two of Swords tells that you are full of doubts and conflicting thoughts about the new love in your life. You are driven by distrust of everything. The Advice might be that you should bring your thoughts into balance.

    Tarot Two of Swords as feelings. Two of Swords as How he feels about me?

    The 2 of Swords as feelings means that at the moment, emotions for you are not in his heart and soul. He is immersed in logical thinking and thinks about his feelings for you and your relationship. And his thoughts are very contradictory. Two of Swords as how he feels about you means that he is not sure of anyone and anything. And he tries to maintain balance while moving away and staying alone.

    Two of Swords might also mean that he may also doubt his feelings for you. Or doubt your feelings for him. Because of these doubts, he feels huge tension in his soul now. Try to convince him of the sincerity of your feelings and perhaps this will fix the situation for the better.

    Two of Swords as feelings after the breakup means that he feels insecure. It’s hard for him. Contrasting thoughts overwhelm him. He is not ready now to notice anything around. He has pulled away and is trying to make some decisions logically most likely related to your breakup and not following feelings or intuition. But he is not able to make a decision, because the options from which he chooses are absolutely equivalent, like swords pictured on the card. Because of that, he is tense and unable to act. He does not decide or act on anything, he stays simply with the unresolved question of choice.

    Will he confess his love?

    Two of Swords as love confession means that he feels tension and lots of doubts. This does not always mean that there is no love for you, it’s just that at the moment he has such a situation in his life that he cannot make decisions about a declaration of love.

    If you look at the 2 of Swords card, you will see that the person is not active. She sits in one place. So your beloved is not ready to do anything because of his indecision. Probably, he is afraid of receiving a negative response to his confession.

    If you truly love him, you can take the first step yourself. But by this card, you should not experience illusions and be prepared for any result.

    Is he a good match / partner for me? Is he the one?

    The Two of Swords as a partner means a person who constantly doubts everything. Because of this, he is constantly under pressure. Because of this tension, he is simply not able to physically act and create something.

    You will have to spend all the time dispelling his doubts. Are you ready for this?

    It can also become your characteristic in a relationship with this person. Perhaps you yourself doubt and are not confident in this person as your partner.

    In any case, the interpretation of Two of Swords to this question is rather negative than positive.

    Will he make a marriage proposal?

    Two of Swords as marriage means that he is full of indecision and is now in doubt. He can think logically and weigh the pros and cons. Even if his intuition and feelings tell him yes, he will look for logical confirmation of the correctness of his decision. It can be seen from the picture on the card that he cannot find a logical confirmation of this, therefore he is in a tense state, like the person depicted on this card.

    He tries to step back and make a decision, but he fails. He is not sure of anything and is not ready to make a decision at the moment.

    Therefore, the 2 of Swords as marriage proposal means that he will not make you a proposal. If the reason for the doubt is minor, then you can try to bring him to a frank conversation to dispel all doubts. But be prepared for any development of the situation, because the card does not promise anything specific in this respect.

    Upright Two of Swords about Your Ex in Love Readings

    Two of Swords as Feelings for Ex

    Tarot Two of Swords: Does my Ex love me? How does my ex feel about me?

    Two of Swords as feelings for Ex means that as time passes, he already doubts whether it was love in relation to you at all. Now he does not feel emotions. It may be some kind of mental attachment to you. But That doesn’t make him happy.

    Two of Swords as how my Ex feels about me means that conflicting thoughts regarding feelings for you overcome him. This creates some tension for him. Therefore, he acts as if blindfolding himself, pulling away, and trying to keep a balance.

    Does he think of me? Does he miss me?

    Two of Swords as thoughts means that he thinks of you often. But these thoughts do not bring him joy and peace. Thoughts of you bring him mental tension. He constantly doubts, as if weighing two possible scenarios in his mind. And there is no option for better or worse, they are equivalent, like the same two swords on the map. And the inability to find the best solution for you does not give him rest.

    The same is true when you ask what the 2 of Swords as does he miss me means. He misses you, but his thoughts are confused and contradictory. And he misses you, but not because of his romantic feelings. He misses you because he’s not sure he did the right thing. And he is now trying to find a logical justification for what happened in your relationship.

    Will he come back?

    He is in doubt, the thought of it haunts him. But he is not sure of anything or anyone. Therefore, he tries not to see the obvious, closes his eyes, and withdraws himself.

    Two of Swords as reconciliation means that he is now under mental and physical stress. And he has not made any decision yet, as it is impossible for him. He can’t make choice between two possible decisions. After all, the decisions are almost equivalent in his understanding. And so there will be no action on his part.

    Therefore the 2 of Swords as will he come back means, that he will not make any action, he prefers to close his eyes and hide inside himself in order not to make any decision.

    Upright Two of Swords in Relationship Reading

    As for existing relationships or marriage, most often the Two of Swords in relationship reading means a relationship in which one of the partners tries to turn a blind eye to disharmony in the relationship. Most often it is the wife/woman (because it is the woman depicted on the card) trying to turn a blind eye to some serious problems in the family/relationships, she is trying to move away from them as if she does not notice them. That is, Two of Swords means an attempt to close your eyes and not change anything.

    In some cases, it happens that the Two of Swords means a certain compromise, a kind of truce. If the surrounding cards in the spread are positive enough, then the Two of Swords in relationships will indicate that the partner has resigned himself to all the shortcomings that he sees in the relationship and in his partner. And accepts his partner and relationship as they are without undue expectations.

    Two of Swords as an outcome of the relationship means that this relationship will bring you doubts and uncertainty. You will think about whether you did the right thing, and whether you made the right choice. Relationships will not be filled with emotional experiences, but more with logical reflections. Also, you can be with a partner because he suits you according to some rational criteria, but not because you have feelings for him.


    Here I tried to summarize everything and give you very brief information in the table below.

    Two of Swords as feelings and in Love ReadingsYour reading
    Will I find new love?No
    Does he love me? How he feels about me?Not really
    Will he confess his love?Not likely
    Is he a good partner for me?Not likely
    Will he make a marriage proposal?Not likely
    Does my Ex love me?Not really
    Does he miss me? Does he remember me?Yes, still…
    Will he come back?Not likely

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