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Justice as Feelings for Present or Ex Partner.

    Justice love tarot meaning

    Learn below Tarot Justice love meanings. Also, find the interpretation of Justice as feelings, as well as answers to all your questions concerning love and relationship issues in your readings.

    The word Justice sounds very official and brings a feeling of formality. Do you agree? There is no sense of happiness or any other pleasant emotions at all. I would rather suggest that you are more likely to tell me that relationships and justice are the things that are pretty difficult to associate with each other.

    Justice as feelings doesn’t denote love, it signifies neutral feelings. The meaning of Taro Justice in relationship analysis and love readings – ‘you’ll have to learn to keep a balance in your relationships, be ready for finding a compromise. And in some cases be ready to deal with official legal documents and related events.’

    If you want to learn exact answers to your questions about love and relationship in case you got Justice – follow my thoughts in this post.

    If you don’t have time for reading the whole article, I prepared a very brief summary of questions and answers according to the Justice love tarot meaning in one word.

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    In my spreads I use this Tarot deck, you may check it here.

    the Justice love tarot meaning

    General Meaning of the Justice in the Upright Position

    Let’s start with the picture of the card. Don’t you think that you have already seen a very similar scene? Yeah, the picture of the Highest Priestess and the Hierophant has the same two columns as the Justice has. Being between two columns means for me to keep a balance in any aspect of life. If you take a look at the love meanings of the above-mentioned Arcanum you’ll see that they are not emotional. So now you may guess of the Justice love meaning without going into details.

    I like when a card has a human in the picture as it gives me more insight into the meaning of the card. So we have a lady sitting in a fantastic chair. And judging by her posture I assume, that she is more likely to devote her time more to thinking than to acting.

    There is no object on the card that tends to be moving all the time. And that’s why I am sure that the Justice is more of a passive card. So it predicts things are not going to happen fast and that everything should be in balance. As you remember, I’ve already mentioned the balance because of columns.

    The lady’s face in the picture of the card is not smiling and the general impression I have from looking into her eyes is that she is not welcoming me. Her face is so neutral that I can’t see any of her emotions as well as I can’t understand how she is going to treat me.

    The red clothes and the crown on her head tell me that she has the powers and I should obey her. Just think of the relationships now – sometimes to stay together someone should obey the other partner. Green and yellow hear mean hope for the best outcome.

    The sword and the scales are well-known symbols of justice. Literally, the card tells, “You get what you deserve.”

    Also, Justice predicts dealing with official documents and authorities.

    The general meaning of the Tarot Justice in the everyday life is

    • keep a balance in any aspect of life
    • thinking and weighing up cons and pros prevail over acting
    • things are not going to happen fast
    • neutral feelings and attitude
    • you get what you deserve, everything is fair
    • dealing with official documents and authorities

    As for spreads for beginners, I recommend 1 card love spread. If you are interested to learn more and see the development of your relationship use 3 card spread. Keep in mind that your attitude is very important.

    Upright Justice as Feelings in Love Tarot Card Reading

    Tarot Justice: Will I meet my new love?

    Here I cover the Justice tarot love meaning that is usually used for a one-card spread for singles with only one question.

    First of all, let’s remember one of the aspects when I described the general meaning of the card – ‘more thinking not acting’. This refers to our divination also. The Justice as new love means that at this point in time, you actually are not active in finding your love and you are not sure whether you need it now. Or you are not sure about any other aspect connected with your spheres in life that a new relationship might affect. You are weighing up the pros and cons of having a new relationship. You are thinking.

    Take into account the fact that the Justice is a very slow card. It will take you some time to make up your mind about what you want from love and life in general. And only then you’ll be ready for meeting your love.

    So, the meaning and interpretation of the upright Justice as divination to question “Will I meet a new love” as “No, you will not meet your love within the time slot you thought of” because you are not ready, you need time for thinking it over properly.

    Tarot Justice: How does he feel about me? Does he love me?

    The prediction will depend upon the type of relationship you have with your partner now.

    If you have just met each other and or you are just starting your relationship, then Justice as feelings means that your partner doesn’t love you. At least he doesn’t love you so much as you want that. You might treat his actions as demonstrating more than interest and care for you, but you are mistaken. What he really does – he just keeps to formalities accepted in our society. I.e. he is just polite and attentive to you, because of his understanding of the rules of how to treat a woman.

    If you are married, getting the Justice card as feelings is not favorable either. The Justice as feelings means that he doesn’t love you as he should. But he does everything needed to keep your relationships within the framework of what he is obliged to do as a husband. He takes the responsibility to perform his duties as a husband. And he might do it very well. I am sure you understand what I mean. And to tell the truth it is quite a normal situation that describes marriages lasting for a long time. In such cases it is not bad to get the Justice card, isn’t it?

    So, the meaning and interpretation of the upright Justice as feelings and as an answer to the questions “Does he love me? How does he feel about me?” is “No, he doesn’t love you. He has neutral feelings for you.”

    Tarot Justice: Will he confess his love? 

    A very intriguing question to get an answer with the help of the Justice.

    The matter is that Justice doesn’t mean love, at least passionate love. And usually, passion makes men confess. So I would say that if you got Justice he will not confess. Again refer to the general meaning of ‘more thinking than acting’.

    Another aspect to keep in mind. As the Justice means keeping the balance and thinking through cons and pros, the prediction might be that your partner is not ready for confession. He has doubts about whether he should do that or shouldn’t. Remember the Justice is not a fast card, so leave your partner in peace for some period of time. Give him time to make his decision.

    So, the meaning and interpretation of the upright Justice as divination to question “Will he confess his love?” as “No, he won’t.”

    Tarot Justice: Is he a good match / partner for me? Is he the one?

    The Justice has a very clear answer for you – ‘yes, he is the one’. He is your karmic partner with whom you have to learn some life lessons.

    Whether he is a good match for you – depends only on you. Because the Justice will answer ‘yes, he is the partner whom you deserve’. Refer to the general meaning of the card.

    The card doesn’t uncover what type of relationship you are going to have with this partner. It just gives answers to your question. It means that you might be happy with him as well as unhappy. Everything depends on you and your karma.

    However, experiencing our karma is an inevitable step in our lives that helps to develop our personality. So keep calm and trust yourself and your good luck.

    So, the meaning and interpretation of the upright Justice as divination to question “Is he a good match / partner for me? Is he the one?” as “He is the partner whom you deserve.”

    Tarot Justice: Will he make a marriage proposal?

    Guess, what the Justice predicts? I am sure you got ready for an unfavorable interpretation of this Arcanum.

    But in this case, the Justice as marriage means ‘yes’. It is perhaps one of the best meanings this Arcanum has in terms of love and relationship issues. If you ask why I’ll refer you to the general meaning of the card. You remember the Justice means dealing with official documents and all kinds of formalities. And marriage is that very formality when you have to sign documents in order to become a lawful wife and husband.

    I am sure you are excited and want to know when it is going to happen. Well, the Justice is quite slow. So, you’ll have to wait a bit.

    So, the meaning and interpretation of the upright Justice as divination to question “Will he make a marriage proposal?” as “Yes, he will. But give him time.”

    Upright Justice as Feelings for Ex

    Tarot Justice: Does my Ex love me?

    As I’ve already written the Justice is not a card that denotes love and similar emotions. So, your Ex doesn’t love you.

    Taking into account other aspects of the Justice meaning, I suggest that the Justice as feelings for Ex means that he got what he wanted from your relationships as well as you did. He considers that everything that happened is fair.

    If you are not separated and still communicate with each other – the only feeling he has is a feeling of responsibility. He does his best to fulfill his commitment.

    So, the meaning and interpretation of the upright Justice as feelings for Ex and as an answer to the question “Does my Ex love me?” as “No, he doesn’t.”

    Tarot Justice: Does he think of me? Does he miss me?

    Justice as thoughts means – ‘Yes, he remembers you and thinks of you’. The Justice has such meaning because of a sword that is a symbol of mental activity. As you’ve already guessed there will be no actions undertaken by him. Just reflecting.

    If you are asking about Justice as Does he miss me – I would suggest that the way he thinks of you doesn’t have anything in common with love, regret, missing etc. It is a cold analysis of your relationships and weighing up some facts.

    Again, if it seems to you that he demonstrates interest in you, you are likely to be mistaken. Because he demonstrates a responsible attitude in fulfilling his commitment with respect to you and nothing more than that.

    So, the meaning and interpretation of the upright Justice as divination to question “Does he think of me? Does he miss me?” as “Yes, he thinks of you. No, he doesn’t miss you.”

    Tarot Justice: Will my Ex come back?

    The Justice as reconciliation means that your Ex will not come back. What is the purpose? There is no love judging by this card. This card also denotes that everything that happened is fair. No nostalgia, just clear mind and memory.

    The only reason he might come back is when he feels committed, for example, to fulfill his role of a good father for your common children.

    So, the meaning and interpretation of the upright Justice as divination to question “Will my Ex come back?” as “No, he will not.”

    Upright Justice Meaning for Relationship Analysis

    If you got the Justice as relationship analysis, then it tells clearly that your relationships are not harmonious now. Most likely it is not easy for you to stay together with your partner now. But the most important thing I’ll tell you is that you got the partner that you deserve. The Justice gives us fair gifts in our lives.

    The main task in your relationship for you is to learn how to deal with him and find a compromise. It might be difficult for you to keep the balance of your emotions, but accept it as your karma, a lesson that you have to learn.

    As a prediction for the future, the Justice as an outcome has several meanings.

    Firstly, Justice as an outcome tells you that you might get officially married to the man if you are asking about the development of your relationships and get the Justice as an outcome. Of course, the surrounding cards in the spread, in this case, should be positive. And of course, it is relevant only in situations if you are still not married.

    Secondly, if you are married the Justice as outcome might have a meaning of an official divorce. I advise also to look at the other cards in the spread to confirm this meaning.

    And if any of the written above is relevant to your situation, then you’ll face some problems in your relationships, e.x. in understanding each other. That might lead to quarrels. And you’ll have to learn how to balance and reach a compromise. Very possible that you’ll have to obey your partner in some aspects of your relationship.

    Nevertheless, remember, it is the lesson you have to learn to move to a better future.

    So, the meaning and interpretation of the upright Justice as relationship analysis is “Your relationships are not harmonious now. The main task in your relationships now is to learn how to find a compromise and keep the balance.”

    Upright Justice as an outcome of relationships means “facing disbalance in your relationships. In other cases either official marriage or divorce.”

    If any of your questions are left unanswered – let me know. You may write a message on the contact form of this website.

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