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Hermit as Feelings for Ex or present Partner and Other Love Meanings

    Hermit tarot love meaning

    Learn below the Hermit Tarot love meaning. Also, find the interpretation of the Hermit as feelings, as well as answers to all your questions concerning love and relationship issues in your readings.

    The Hermit card usually means wisdom, huge life experience, individualism, and a need for personal space and loneliness.

    If we talk about love and relationship the Hermit of course means loneliness. It is not about forced loneliness at all. The Hermit as feelings shows that a person needs and wants that loneliness and feels extremely comfortable in this situation. Quite often the Hermit shows that a person needs solitude to review his previous life experience, review his values in life and love, what he wants from life, etc.

    As for spreads for beginners, I recommend 1 card love spread. If you are interested to learn more and see the development of your relationship use 3 card spread. Keep in mind that your attitude is very important.

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    the hermit tarot love meaning

    The Hermit Tarot Love Meaning in Upright Position

    In my spreads, I use this Tarot deck, you may check it here.

    Meaning of the Tarot Major Arcana Hermit in spreads for singles.

    Will I meet a new love? The Hermit as new love predicts that you will not meet your new love within the time slot you asked. The reason for that is more that you are not ready for a new relationship now. At this point, you prefer to stay alone and you are quite comfortable with that. It is a good time for you to reflect on your attitude to a relationship, what you want and what you don’t want from relationships, how you see your future etc.

    The Upright Hermit as Feelings and other Love Meanings

    Hermit as feelings and as an answer to the questions Does he love me / how does he feel about me? means that it is unlikely that he has feelings for you. The only situation when the Hermit may predict a feeling resembling love is if you are much younger than your partner. And he treats you rather like a learner, being a teacher himself. Not sure that he is capable to love someone at all at this point in time.

    Will he confess his love? Not likely. As he is the kind of person who loves staying alone. At least at this period of time. He doesn’t have a need for any kind of relationship.

    Is he a good match / partner for me / is he the one? He is an old bachelor who got used to living alone. It is a very comfortable way of living for him. The Hermit predicts that in the nearest future he is not going to change that lifestyle. That means that even if you are in a relationship, you are more likely to feel lonely with him. And you should decide for yourself whether he is a good match for you.

    Will he make a marriage proposal? The Hermit as marriage means that he has doubts if he really needs any kind of relationship at all. And marriage is not in his plans for sure. The only thing he wants now is to be left alone.

    The Hermit as Feelings for Ex

    Hermit as feelings for Ex and as an answer to the questions Does my ex love me / remember me / miss me /will he come back?  means that he is alone now and he feels great. He might remember you when reflecting on his life. But he doesn’t miss you. He just thinks of you as a past stage in his life. Of course, there is no talk about his comeback.

    The Upright Hermit Meaning for Relationship Analysis

    Meaning of the Tarot Major Arcana Hermit for couples who are pretty long in the relationship. 

    The Hermit as a relationship outcome means that either of you feels alone in this relationship. Or someone of you doesn’t feel reciprocity and that’s why feel lonely. You are in partnership now but in reality, each of you lives his own life. Either of you feels lonely being together.

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