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Tarot Four of Wands as Feelings for Ex or Present Partner

    The Three of Wands means growth and development. As a result of these, we get some achievements. The Four of Wands means achieving a stable result.

    The Four of Wands as feelings means strong and stable feelings.

    In this post, I will tell you why the Four of Wands as feelings is a good card to get, and I will also describe all the love meanings of this card in your love tarot readings.

    You’ll also get your personal free readings about “How he feels about me?”, “Does he love me?”, etc. To see – scroll down the article.

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    General Meaning of the Upright 4 of Wands in Love and Relationships

    When I saw this card for the first time, I thought it was a young couple, i.e. a man and a woman in beautiful and festive outfits who rejoice at the celebration. But A.Waite writes that these are 2 women on the card. And yet, for me, it is a card of a couple and a holiday.

    The Four of Wands suggests a period of peace and tranquility during which we open ourselves to life and joy. It is no longer scary to leave the walls of the castle and go out into the outer and still unknown world, but with confidence in your own success.

    Traditionally, the card means a harvest festival after many days of work. This is an opportunity to have a holiday on this occasion, relax and get joy and pleasure from your results.

    If we draw an analogy between the Minor and Major Arcana, then the Emperor will correspond to the Four of Wands, which symbolizes stability and reliability. The card of Four of Wands also has that meaning.

    So the general meaning of the Four of Wands in card reading is:

    • obtaining success and achievements as a result of work and efforts
    • celebration, joy
    • harmony, stability, peace, balance

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    Upright Four of Wands as Feelings in Love Tarot Card Reading

    Tarot Four of Wands as Will I find my new love?

    The Four of Wands as new love means that you will meet a person with whom you will feel good. He will bring a festive mood and joy into your life. And you deserve it with your previous works.

    The card also says that this can be a very promising acquaintance, which has every chance of turning into a stable, faithful relationship. With the possible prospect of even living together and perhaps even more.

    Tarot Four of Wands as feelings. Four of Wands as How he feels about me?

    Four of Wands as feelings means that he clearly has very strong and lasting feelings for you. He’s glad he has you beside him. He feels that you are his soulmate, he feels the unity of souls.

    In relation to you, he demonstrates stability and loyalty. Perhaps he is not so emotional in the manifestation of feelings. but it is his poise and calmness that can give you peace and confidence in him, as in your partner, without jealousy and incomprehensible torment and doubt.

    And yes, it didn’t fall out of the sky for you. This is the result of your efforts. So now you have full rights to relax and enjoy this relationship.

    Tarot Four of Wands: Will he confess his love?

    The Four of Wands as Will he confess his love means that he wants to bring the matter to a happy ending. For this, he made efforts and worked. And if you noticed these efforts in the actions of your partner, then confession is inevitable. This will be your well-deserved reward for both.

    The card means celebration, and most likely, this will happen at some kind of party. Or there will be a party dedicated to this occasion. In any case, he has serious intentions.

    Is he a good match / partner for me? Is he the one?

    He is an excellent candidate for a quiet and comfortable family life. He is a reliable and loyal partner, for whom stability and balance in relationships are important.

    The Four of Wands will answer that he is a good partner for you, he is exactly who you need. After all, for most girls, such a partner would be ideal given the traditional values. But is he a good match for you – only you know, because not everyone now shares traditional values.

    Tarot Four of Wands: Will he make a marriage proposal?

    The Four of Wands as marriage means that he intends to be with you. The card may mean his intention to make a marriage proposal to you as a natural result of his efforts and labors in building a relationship with you. Most likely, it will not be about official marriage, at least for now. Perhaps it will be an engagement. The Four of Wands also means a holiday or celebration, so it is possible that a party will be organized on this occasion.

    In any case, he has serious intentions for you.

    Four of Wands as Feelings

    Upright Four of Wands as Feelings of Your Ex in Tarot Card Reading

    Tarot Four of Wands: Does my Ex love me? How does my ex feel about me?

    Now he is in a state of harmony and peace. Joyful and pleasant events take place in his life. He is not sad at all.

    If you have not been together for a long time, then the Four of Wands as feelings of your ex means that he does not have love feelings for you. His heart is filled with joy and it is very likely that he already has another partner in mind.

    In any case, he does not hold you back and will be glad to see you if you meet by chance.

    If you recently broke up, and the relationship has not yet died completely, then the Four of Wands as feelings for an ex may mean that he feels that you are a soul mate for him. He had already sorted out his emotions. And he has calm but tender feelings for you. He definitely wants to be with you.

    Does my Ex remember me? Does my Ex miss me?

    There is a festive mood and joy in his soul now. He does not experience sadness. He does not suffer, but rather rejoices at the results he aspired to in his life.

    I would say that the Four of Wands as does he miss me means that he does not miss you and your joint past. Everything is fine in his life now, he is satisfied and peaceful.

    Therefore, if you broke up inharmoniously and there were some grievances left, then this card says that he no longer thinks about it. He lives on.

    Yes, the Four of Wands as does he remember me means that he remembers you. He recalls joyful events, some joint celebrations. But he does not go into nostalgia.

    Will my Ex come back?

    If you have not been together for a long time, then the Four of Wands as reconciliation means that there is practically no chance that he will return. The card says he’s fine now. Everything suits him; he has no need and intention to change something. He enjoys what is happening in his life right now.

    At the same time, the Four of Wands as reconciliation means that he may return if this is a natural result of his previous aspirations and efforts. If he has previously taken certain actions to establish and restore relations with you.

    In any case, he is now happy with what he got in the end.

    Four of Wands as Feelings for Ex

    Upright Four of Wands Meaning for Relationship Analysis. Four of Wands as Outcome after Break-Up.

    The Four of Wands means harmony, mutual understanding, and calmness in relationships. You have worked hard and now you will receive a well-deserved reward. Such a relationship did not fall from heaven to you, you deserve it. These are the relationships that many people only dream of – faithful, stable, reliable. You have excellent prospects for relationship development.

    If you have an inharmonious relationship, then the Four of Wands says that you can fix everything and turn it into the most wonderful relationship. But for this, you need to make an effort and work a little. The prospects are very good.

    Four of Wands after the break-up means that now all emotions have subsided and you feel peace and tranquility. This may be for 2 reasons. 1. You may have realized that the breakup was indeed necessary and beneficial. 2. Or you have realized that you cannot live without each other and are ready to make any efforts to achieve the restoration of relations and reconciliation. Either way, you’re happy with what’s happening now.


    Here I tried to summarize everything and give you very brief information in the table below.

    Four of Wands as feelings and in Love ReadingsYour reading
    Will I find new love?Yes
    Does he love me? How he feels about me?He has strong and stable feelings for you
    Will he confess his love?It depends upon your situation, but very likely
    Is he a good partner for me?Yes, sure, if you share traditional values
    Will he make a marriage proposal?It depends upon your situation, but very likely
    Does my Ex love me?Not really, but it depends upon your situation
    Does my Ex miss me? Does he remember me?Yes…still…
    Will he come back?Not likely

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