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Tarot Six of Wands as Feelings for Ex or Present Partner

    The picture on this card is somehow similar to the Chariot, in my opinion. At the same time, the meaning of the card 6 of Wands is a little bit different.

    In this post, I will tell you my opinion of what the Six of Wands means, in particular, Six of Wands as feelings. And I will also describe all the love meanings of this card in your love tarot readings.

    The Six of Wands as feelings means that you have won someone’s heart. If you want to know what it will lead to – read the post.

    You’ll also get your personal free readings about “How he feels about me?”, “Does he love me?”, etc. To see – scroll down the post.

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    General Meaning of the Upright 6 of Wands in Love and Relationships

    After the competition, after the struggle when a person showed his best qualities according to Five of Wands, he won and achieved victory. Six of Wands is a card of victory. But this card means that the person won the battle, not the war. According to card No. six he just stepped over the middle of the cycle. He achieved some victory, but it is intermediate. He won at some stage of the struggle, his life path.

    On the card, we see a winner. We see a man with a laurel wreath on his head. He also has a laurel wreath on his wand. And around him, there are people with wands, but none of them is sitting on a horse. There is only one winner here. His posture symbolizes triumph.

    The person on the card resembles a herald who carries the news. Everything on the card suggests that the news is about victory. But the horse… It is completely covered with a blanket. The muzzle of the horse looks either cunning or knowing something more. 

    The card also denotes news, visits, and trips. It can predict a date, meeting, call, or message.

    So the general meaning of the Six of Wands in card reading is:

    • triumph, a well-deserved victory
    • success

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    Upright Six of Wands as Feelings in Love Tarot Card Reading

    Tarot Six of Wands as Will I find my new love?

    Six of Wands as new love means that you will meet someone very special. Perhaps you will meet him on a trip. In any case, you will be very pleased that you won such a person. For you, it will be a triumph and success. But remember that six is only a mid-journey.

    Tarot Six of Wands as feelings. Six of Wands as How he feels about me?

    Six of Wands as feelings means that he cannot hide his feelings and emotions from the satisfaction that he was able to win such a girl. But the card does not tell about the depth of feelings, more about a very strong sexual interest. Six of Wands as How he feels about me means, on the one hand, if he struggled for you like that, then you mean a lot to him. On the other hand, there may be a subtext here that he wants recognition or sexual satisfaction, and this is the main motive for getting you as a partner. Take a look at your partner’s actions and you yourself will determine which option is yours.

    Will he confess his love?

    On the card, we see a successful and confident man. Often this is a messenger. And it is very likely that the Six of Wands as will he confess his love means that you will receive a confession of love. Most likely in the form of a letter or message.

    Is he a good match / partner for me? Is he the one?

    The Six of Wands means that he is a very good partner. This person is a leader, confident in his success. But he needs recognition for his success and victories. Take care of that and give him all he needs in this respect.

    Will he make a marriage proposal?

    The Six of Wands promises Love victory and fulfillment of desire. Therefore, Six of Wands as marriage means that it is very likely that you will receive a proposal. Of course, only if you yourself want it. But note that the card means victory at a certain stage. Therefore, whether the matter will come to an end, the card does not say.

    Six of Wands as feelings

    Upright Six of Wands as Feelings of Your Ex in Tarot Card Reading

    Tarot Six of Wands: Does my Ex love me? How does my ex feel about me?

    Six of Wands as feelings for an Ex means that you can’t call it love, but he remembers your passionate meetings. And in fact, as a true leader, ready for passionate conquest. But the card says that this is an intermediate stage and the feelings are not deep, more sexual interest. If you have not communicated with him for a long time, then this may also mean that he is actively conquering other women.

    Does my Ex remember me? Does my Ex miss me?

    The Six of Wands means that he definitely remembers you. He amuses his vanity with the fact that he was able to win a girl like you. At the same time, as a lover of victories, he can already look around in search of a new triumph.

    Will my Ex come back?

     He considers himself a leader and wants to be recognized for his merits and successes. Six of Wands as reconciliation means that he will only return if it is a true victory for him. And the chances of this are very high. But this is just an intermediate step. Will you stay together after this, the card does not say.

    Six of Wands as feelings for Ex

    Upright Six of Wands Meaning for Relationship Analysis. Six of Wands as Outcome after Break-Up.

    If you are asking about the development of relations, then Six of Wands does not predict any global changes. The card tells of some kind of meetings, dates, and messages.

    At the same time, the Six of Wands as relationship analysis means that you have achieved what you wanted. At this stage, everything satisfies you. This card also indicates victory over a competitor in relations, if there was one.

    Six of Wands after breakup means that at this point in time this situation suits him. Breakup is the result of merit. Or maybe that’s how the problem was solved. And this is regarded as a victory. But the night is yet but young… This is only the middle of the journey.

    Six of Wands as outcome predicts that you will be happy with the relationship. You will win the partner and achieve your victory. Perhaps even your cherished desire will come true. But don’t be under an illusion that it is a happy-end. Remember you won the battle, but not the war.


    Here I tried to summarize everything and give you very brief information in the table below.

    Six of Wands as feelings and in Love ReadingsYour reading
    Will I find new love?Yes
    Does he love me? How he feels about me?Yes, still his love might be different from what you expect
    Will he confess his love?Very likely
    Is he a good partner for me?Yes
    Will he make a marriage proposal?Very likely
    Does my Ex love me?Not likely
    Does my Ex miss me? Does he remember me?Yes…still…
    Will he come back?Might be, on one reason

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