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Tarot World as Feelings for Present or Ex-Partner in Love Tarot Card Readings

    World as feelings

    What love meanings does the last Major Arcanum World have? Is it a good sign to get it in your spread? In this post, I’ll cover all the meanings of the World as feelings that are used in love tarot readings.

    At the end of the post, I will give the meaning of the World card when answering the questions “How does he feel about me?”, “Does he love me?”, etc. So you’ll know how to read the World card in your love Tarot spreads especially if you are interested to learn the meaning of the World as feelings. Scroll to the end of the post and you’ll find out.

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    General Meaning of the Upright World in Tarot Card Reading

    What is the connection between the Fool and the World?

    The World means the end of the Fool’s long journey. The Fool has studied long and hard, worked hard, and reached the end of his life’s journey, now he will be rewarded. The World is some important goal to which the Fool so aspired.

    The World card means that a person reaches perfection, and completes his earthly path, because he completed his task for this incarnation, and did everything that he had to do. The cycle ends and he leaves this world in order to be born again and to start the next cycle from 0, i.e. as the Fool.

    What do we see on the World card? The woman is dancing and thereby shows that she is free from all her former limitations. She keeps two wands in her hands, she wears a laurel wreath. The symbols of the four archangels, or symbols of the four elements that are the same symbols on the Wheel of Fortune card. And the common thing between these cards is the meaning of the trip. The Wheel of Fortune shows ups and downs – life cycles that repeat, Peace – the integrity and completion of this life cycle / stage / project.

    The World is something similar to the Hanged Man – the position of the legs is the same. The Hanged Man is constrained in his actions, he can only accept the circumstances and aspire for the best. The World is free in his desires and actions, a person here does what he wants. And he wants to complete and achieve his goal.

    The Magician has one wand in his hand, he raises his hand up and takes over ideas in order to transform them into reality with the second hand. The World has 2 wands and she dances, she does not need to take anything, she is the embodiment of everything – both the idea and the realization of the idea, there is a certain perfection and integrity. The Magician is just beginning his journey, and the World has already achieved everything.

    So the general meanings of the World are

    • completion or transfer to some other level
    • wise deeds that lead to the completion and realization of what has been started.
    • reaching the end of the road and gaining a sense of completion
    • travel or trip

    Also in the modern world, the World card has acquired a new non-traditional meaning – the Internet!

    Upright World as Feelings in Love Tarot Card Reading 

    Tarot World in tarot reading Will I find my new love? 

    Here I cover the meaning that is usually used for a one-card spread for singles with only one question.

    The World as new love means you will meet your new love. As the World denotes travel, it is very likely that this will happen either on a trip or it will be on the Internet, social networks, chat, or dating websites. Everything will turn out well.

    Tarot World as feelings: Does he love me?  How does he feel about me?

    The Golden Dawn believed that the World card is not self-sufficient in interpretation, so you should use clarifying cards or look at the cards next to it in your spread. The World as feelings does not give an unambiguous answer.

    The World as feelings means that on the one hand, he feels complete harmony in life being by your side. Be sure, he loves you and is ready to support you in everything., he sees you as the woman of his dreams. He, and perhaps you, had to work hard on your relationship. And the result of these labors was such a feeling that can be called a true reward.

    Sometimes the World as feelings can mean something else. It means that he likes you. Still, this does not mean that he considers you the only one who occupied his thoughts and heart. You are not the only one for him right now. For this man, there is potentially a whole world of women and he is not going to choose you yet. At the moment he feels free from all restrictions.

    Which meaning to use depends on your situation in the relationship, your intuition, and the surrounding cards.

    Will he confess his love? 

    Everything depends on your situation. The World means that there will be an end to some situation or achieving of the goal. And if there were prerequisites for the fact that he confesses his love, then most likely he will do so. 

    But the World also means that he is not ready for any restrictions. And if confession can lead him to some restrictions, then this will not happen.

    Is he a good match / partner for me? Is he the one? 

    The World says he is the partner of your dreams. In the past, you could dream of what kind of man you wanted to see next to you. And if you did not sit idly by, but worked hard and did something to make this dream come true. Then this man is the harmonious completion of your efforts, he is your reward. He is a partner with whom you will be in a harmonious relationship, love, and support.

    Will he make a marriage proposal?

    The World calls you first to pay attention to what preceded this in your relationship. The World means successful completion and achievement of the goal. If before that he showed a willingness to take your relationship to a new level, then the World as marriage means that he will make a marriage proposal.

    But what if he had a completely different goal? The World says he will achieve his goal. Think, based on your situation, what goal does he pursue in your relationship? What is he striving for? What efforts and actions will lead to the logical receipt of what he deserves?

    World as Feelings in Love Tarot Card Readings

    Upright World as Feelings for Ex

    Does my Ex love me? How does my ex feel about me?

    A.Waite wrote about the World card, “But it is perhaps more especially a story of the past, referring to that day when all was declared to be good.” Therefore, the World as the feelings for Ex means – yes, he remembers you, he recollects those pleasant moments from the past when you were good together. He has only positive emotions in relation to the cam. But it’s not love. He feels the completeness of your relationship and a sense of satisfaction from the fact that you were next to him. But this stage of life with you is over for him. And he’s ready for something new.

    Does he think of me? Does he miss me?

    The World as thoughts says that he remembers you very well, and thinks of you with warmth and inner satisfaction. He thinks of you and is grateful to you. Without you in his life, he would not be a complete and fulfilled person, you gave him a lot. And he remembers this.

    World as Does he miss me means that he misses you, but not as a lover, but as an adult holistic person who knows how to be grateful. And who understands that you are a part of his life, albeit a past one.

    Will my Ex come back?  

    The World as reconciliation means that you were happy together in the past. He remembers these moments. And on the one hand, he thinks about whether he should try again. But he comes to the realization that everything is over. And it’s good that it happened that way. Now new opportunities are opening up for you and for him to build harmonious relationships. But your relationship is still over.

    World as Feelings for Ex in Love Tarot Readings

    Upright World Meaning for Relationship Analysis. The World as Outcome after Break-Up.

    The World as an outcome of the relationship has different meanings. If you are in harmonious relationships – you are simply born one for the other, each of you is the whole world for each other. You found each other and you don’t need anything more than to be together. This is the highest degree of perfection. Your task is to keep everything at the same level.

    If the relationship is inharmonious – most likely you will end your relationship. If you feel that you have reached a certain point and further development of the relationship is impossible. It’s time for you to break up, because you gave each other everything you could give, more than you can give. And you both need it. Each of you will complete this relationship and begin a new cycle, and then each of the partners begins their own new life.

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